RO(H)AN Brings Back An Old Sound With A New Twist With Their "Open Doors" Album


   It's hard to categorize RO(H)AN in a music genre. Their sound is a strong fusion of pop, hip hop,jazz and sprinkled with an 80's funk pop sound.   The creative style of music adds to their fierce character ambience of tone. RO(H)AN has released the new album "Open Doors via Soundcloud for streaming. The 9 song short album comes with a variety of material. Each song different from the last, RO(H)AN managed to create a project that flawlessly showed their freshness, uniqueness and imagination. Enlisting features from such talented individuals such as  donnyfromtheposter, Foster Powell, Webb Crawford, and Aubrey Lavender, to name a few....the Open Doors album stays entertaining from one song to the next. With so much talent, diversity, and creativeness, RO(H)AN created more of a playlist of powerful masterpieces than a simple album. Check Out RO(H)AN, "Open Doors" today...and hear eras of influence mixed together into tomorrow's new sound.

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