ZuesTheTruth x DJ Khaled


Description of NEVER LOSE
This song was inspired by my upbringing, my surroundings and the people that I’ve came across through my walk of life. I’m just a young and driven artist trying to make it out and really leave a legacy. Sometimes it’s hard to chase a dream not knowing when or how it’ll be accomplished or even how it’ll come without going insane and giving up. I don’t want to be the same, want to stick out and really build a separate lane of real music and tell my story.
Zues The Truth Bio:
25 years young, Haitian artist from Miami, Florida. My inspiration comes from the church, always being the outcast of the group I was singing with. One day I just told myself that I want to be able to make good music that touched the spirit but not gospel because gospel isn’t what gets played much and is always a conflict of interest when spoken about. I made my first song “How Can You Love” in 30 minutes and still to this day, it’s a “BANGER.” That’s what inspired me to keep going knowing that one day everyone will not only hear my music but feel every lyric and will understand my story and where I came from.
Contact info:Derick Blake Manager/Contact name: Derick Blake (Manager) Phone Number: (305) 310-7463 email: dblake420@hotmail.com<mailto:dblake420@hotmail.com> website: None Producer (s): Alexander Schmitt Label/Production Company: Big Chuck Records.


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