Description of Track: Changing ( Track 1) -  "I returned home from prison to a completely different world. This was just as the pandemic was coming to an end, so there were many changes all over the world. My good friend sent me this beat, and as soon as I heard it, I sang every lyric word for word and jotted it down in my notes. I believe this song is timeless, and that both generations above and below me will be able to relate to it."

Bio: Hotep is already planning to make his mark in 2023. Born Imhotep Myles, this Baltimore native began rapping at the age of seven. Hotep has his own distinct take on rap music. In fact, he does not consider himself a rapper, but rather an artist. "My creativity will not allow me to limit myself to a single lane, I might paint a picture tonight that sells for $200 tomorrow."  Fresh Out, Hotep's debut album, was released on January 29, 2022, with standouts such as "Da Teaser," "Chess Never Checkers," "Traumatized," and "Get Away." Hotep's life is intertwined with the author's creative writing style. Give him a beat, when he hits the booth, he is transitioning.  On "Traumatized," a vulnerable track, he discusses the many L's he's taken as a result of his uncle's death, relationship problems, and past experiences that have left him scarred.  “As I was looking through pictures and remembering what caused me pain, I wrote traumatized”. The best of Hotep is yet to come. His hit single "Changing," which will be featured on his new album, is already receiving radio airplay. According to Hotep, "the transition” album would be an album to remember."

Artist/Group Name: Hotep
Attach: All Versions of the Singles: ( Track 1)
Producer: Michael Crawford
Video Link


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