Priceless Scott

It takes roughly two billion years for a lump of coal to undergo the necessary chemical changes to transform into a diamond. Forged in lava fires of thousand-degree heat and pressed under the weight of the earth’s crust, these crystalline karats are created from the most extreme conditions of the planet.

Much like how Mother Nature takes the most intense events to create some of our most-cherished possessions, sometimes difficulties in life can construct something just as irreplaceable. And her name is Priceless Scott. Just like that treasured stone that shines and sparkles, this glittering musical jewel is just as amazing!

Growing up, Priceless Scott was always in love with music. Her mother and aunts often played Biggie, Tupac, Mary J Blige other 90s hip-hop classics. Riding in the car, she was the kid who knew every word to every song that came on the radio.

Music didn’t become a priority in her life until a few years after high school graduation. Always a fan of music, she became distraught about the lack of relatable music on the radio. So instead of complaining about the state of music, she decided to do something about it.

Now, as one of the most rapidly rising stars out of Central Florida, her talents have been glowing for some time now with six widely popular mixtapes. She is shining even brighter with the recent release of EP Pressure Makes Diamonds and sizzling new single “Pull Up.”


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