Eric Wilson - Fanz ft. RocP4, NoLuvEnt

Eric Wilson is one of the most recognized music producers and emcees in the Cleveland, Ohio hip hop scene. He went from the beatmaker/producer of his former group “Bar Nun” to one the city’s pillars of Hip Hop. He’s worked with Bone Thugs and other MoThugs artists and still currently works with Flesh n Bone and Trumaff (formerly Aftamaff). He’s also worked with the legendary MC Chill, Jay-Kool, Midwest Mafia, Dungeon Family and a ton of more great artists. Eric is known for winning the rap battle and beat battle championships on the same night.

Eric was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Family members on his mother’s and father’s side inspired him to go deep into music before Hip Hop ever was a real part of his epertoire. Being comfortable and versed in other genre’s of music helped him naturally go into Hip Hop with a craving to not only rap, but compose his own original beats to rap over. By the time he reached the 7th grade, he was already respected as a great freestyler and a rapper who wanted to produce himself and others. After graduating from high school, he joined the Army and in South Korea is where he polished up his song production skills by recording countless songs on very basic equipment in his room in the barracks.

When he ended his military career after his father’s death, he naturally beelined towards the Hip Hop industry. He became a recording engineer and beatmaker/producer at Buchanan Recording Complex where he was under the tutelage of the late Gerald “EQ” Robinson and polished up his production skills. While there he produced Cleveland area artists such as Midwest Mafia, Chino Nino, Bone Thugs, and more. After leaving BRC, he was able to focus on producing himself. He went on to release multiple projects such as “Mental Therapy”, “The Warm Up”, “My Dolo’, and “Get Off Me” to name a few. He was also able to go to college during this period of time and earned multiple degrees including a degree in Recording Arts and Technology from Cuyahoga Community College. This made also made him the man to see for mix and mastering.

Eric has one multiple artist and producer awards over the years including a Lifetime Achievement Award and a Legendary Producer Award. He’s also been nominated for awards for being an internet radio personality as the primary host of “Flowmasters” (2014 - 2018) on Voice It Radio, an internet radio company. He also has started acting in films and wearing hats behind the scenes on film sets.

Currently, Eric is in the process of releasing singles, music videos and working with multiple artists with projects getting ready to be released, including the only other artist with Scratchpaper productions, Marxman Payne, who currently has two singles out now entitled “Hell Of A Life” and “Baby Please”. Eric’s latest single and music video FANZ, was just released in June of 2023 as well as Marxman Payne’s single, “Baby Please.”


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