Arda & The Stolen Moons' Album "Minutes Into Years" Is Quickly Becoming A Timeless Classic.

    Born and raised on the island of Cyprus, Singer Arda strengthened hermusical talents playing in London's small club circuit As a solo artist. She would bring the company of her piano and sometimes an acoustic guitar and entertain audiences while building her confidence and growing into who she was meant to be musically. Building relationships and creating Arda & the Stolen Moon, she is now ready to present the world with her debut album release.

    "Minutes Into Years" is an impressive display of talent, rhythm, style and originality. 10 songs of versatile creativity that reach listeners on many different levels of feeling and emotion. Melodic piano riffs blended with smooth drums and the sultry vocals of Arda, mix together to create an over all awesome album that reels you in, then keeps you wanting more. You get pulled into a zone so quickly 10 songs are over. Keeping this instant classic LP on repeat. The "live" mixing of the sound gives you a presence of being surrounded by the instruments while Arda leans over you singing gently fully relaxing you into the music. 

    And that is what good music does. Takes you from reality and places you within the colors of sound. "Minutes Into Years" holds true with this tradition and will continue to get added into rotation of listeners for years to come.  And today we have your access to the private Soundcloud listing of Arda & the Stolen Moons' LP "Minutes Into Years." Check that out and take a look at their latest video release "Crazy Bridge."

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