TopFloor Zak Teams Up With Producer Jamezz Bonn To Give Hip Hop A Full Course Meal With The "Sample Pack" Project

Zak (TopFloor Zak), Songwriter / artist, is from Albany ,Ga where he began rapping and writing at the age of 15. His continued hustle in music has landed him several radio show appearances and showcases. Coming up in a poverty stricken area is what Zak says drove his ambition to rise above it all, and his only dream,..was to live out his passion . Currently residing in Atlanta,Ga he has continued to build his brand, while using any free time to perfect his skills  as a songwriter. Zak always throws credit to working alongside producer Jamezz Bonn as a kid. There is a perfection not only in the sound, but also the bond in what they create. Zak always has said his growth and understanding of the business is all due to Jamezz Bonn. Building their own platform and lane was their main goal and they are still actively working towards that today . The soulful and honest lines of Zak's music come from experiences and struggle. They try and stick to what they know and that’s real music with a purpose.

And that real music is what brings us here today. Zak and Jamezz have just released a new 9 song project titled Sample Pack." And for a sample, they didn't leave much room for the meal. "Sample Pack" is a full course serving of hip hop music. And a testimony of growth and lessons learned. Jamezz Bonn fills the plate with tailored made  music to fit not only the mood, but Zak's emotion per track. 

And that emotion and understanding through growth shines inside of Zak's lyrical presence as he murders is beat with intelligent wordplay and some hard metaphors. Mixing in a blend of raw rapping, street hip hop and a first person point of view to the struggles felt by many urban city to urban city around the world, the overall creation is legendary. As Zak spits hard bars about the downs in life and the ups and motivation of strength and personal growth. His voice sounds drained. Tired. Like that a man with the world on his shoulders. And the strength and refusal to drop it. And that vocal presence matches the story line perfect.  With Jamezz Bonn producing in is a classic that I put in the ranks of Ready To Die, All Eyez On Me, 36 Chambers, r The Chronic. Something new, something fresh....and something HipHop is desperately in need of. Real Music.

"Sample Pack" is currently available on all major digital distribution and streaming platforms. Check it out Today!!

CLICK HERE to stream "Sample Pack" on Spotify

CLICK HERE to purchase "Sample Pack" on iTunes

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Booking contact info: 614-441-7604

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