It's More Than Just The Lady That You Don't Want To Miss When Listening To Brandon James New Single "There She Goes"

   What a track. What A Track! WHAT A TRACK!!  I honestly don't know any other way to properly start this off. What an artist, maybe? What amazing talent? Any way I try to rephrase it, it basically means Why Am I Just Hearing of This Artist??

    Brandon James is a Chicago native with outstanding vocal capabilities and creative view when writing and creating good RnB music. From spoiling your significant other, to just wanting to get the party up and moving their feet, Brandon James has something for you. Track after track he makes true to passion, timeless and talented music.

    Brandon's latest single "There She Goes" if a piece you could turn on 30 years from now or 30 years ago and the good vibes will flow naturally.  His powerful voice takes hold of the punchy instrumental and the outcome will basically be watching everyone take to the dance floor. 

   Brandon James croons over the single about a young lady who caught his attention, but before he can speak, she is passing by. He focuses on this with a booming group of lines in the song "I want you to feel this pain...I want you to love this way"...Aside from that actually being a very deep line of emotion, the melodic pattern he delivers it with is extremely catchy while also showing his range and energy as a performer and recording artist. 

Anyway you put it, it is a superb release and a great show of Brandon James musical talent.

You can find Brandon and his music on most social and streaming sites.

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