Motivation rapper, Exclusive releases a six-track EP with tracks like 'No Favors' and 'Know Drip' leading the way

Gifted motivation rapper, Exclusive, has released a six-track EP with the first track, 'No Favors' leading the pack on an exhibition of graft and tenacity in one's endeavours, ergo, Exclusive's music career.

Speaking about the track, Exclusive, said: "The track talks about the hard work and long hours I put into perfecting my craft to make sure my loved ones around me are in a good position as well. However, they are more interested in getting handouts rather than building. So I can't do "No Favors" meaning if you aren't willing to help yourself, you cannot leech off my wealth".

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Exclusive has always had an innate talent for music. Exclusive, born into a family of musicians, followed in his parents' acoustic footsteps, with mum a singer, and dad, a sound engineer with Butler, Sounds Production. At the tender age of six, Exclusive had already made his baby steps in music. However, as with many things in life, Exclusive contended with some bottlenecks as he sought to create a path for himself. "Finding my sound was a big challenge for me in my early days. Sometimes you're caught in a weird spot of doing what's popular as far as sounds go or being yourself, doing what you like and doing what's true to you", he said of his initial challenges.

Today, Exclusive has come a long way from the youngling who was trying to find his feet. Presently, he is a proud owner and CEO of a Record Label, Exclusive Entertainment LLC. To further highlight his growing stride, Exclusive has seen his track, "Know Drip" garner 30k streams (via Spotify analytic)

Like every gifted upcoming artist, Exclusive has role models he looks up to, including musical heavyweights like Drake, Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Tyga, and Wiz khalifa. However, he revealed that he'll love to feature Cincinnati artistes like Leyy Picasso, 3letterzNUK. As far as mainstream artistes go, he'd love to work with Kid LORI, Tyga and Tory Lanez.

Exclusive is currently working his first album (14 songs), set to be released late 2021. He hopes to cap it off by signing three more artistes to Exclusive Entertainment LLC by 2022. However, when he's not making music, Exclusive loves to  play basketball, work out to keep fit, and read, to expand his mental acumen, (with Law of Attraction as his personal favorite.)

Exclusive has a piece of advice for his fans and listeners: "Bet and invest in yourself. You were born into the world with natural talents so use them and get paid!" it's a piece of advice he has epitomized—one which is set to propel him to the apex of global music.


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