Seven Strategies to Get your Music Noticed

Seven Strategies to Get your Music Noticed

At last, you have decided, you have a guitar, with strings and even a pick, you have everything to take your first steps with the guitar and emulate your favorite guitarists. What is the fastest way to learn guitar?The first thing you should do before playing anything is to tune the guitar. All guitars are tuned a bit with humidity, and heat. So, you need to take it from one place to another. Learn to play the 7 basic universal chords to play millions of songs, really, you just need to know these chords to play your favorite songs. You already know the chords, well, now we have to give rhythm to those chords. This is one of the most expensive points but do not get overwhelmed, it takes time, the internet tutorials with strum direction arrows help a lot.

After you are a master musician and you intend to seriously engage in the promotion of your music, you first need to determine the goals of such a promotion. Why do you need this? What do you want from this? If you just want to find regular customers to have a stable income that can be used for everyday creative (and not so) needs, then you should take care of the promo package and familiarize it with the potential customers. If your goal is world fame, then you cannot do without significant financial investments and long and hard work on getting your music noticed. So you need to earn this money and find a producer. Well, by the way, as you can see, the second option also boils down to creating a promo package.
Getting your music noticed can be complicated when there are many other artists and talented bands. But if you know how to promote yourself online and learn to make connections in person, you can start on the road to send your music around the world like a professional. If you want to know how to promote your music, just follow these steps.

1. Home parties

Play music at home parties. At first, this is almost the best way to attract regular listeners, the “backbone” of the future fan community. If you did not perform live, it’s also an excellent experience. During such experiences, there is a beautiful feeling of “intimacy” of what is happening. Each listener is so close that he can safely “touch” you.

2. Get involved in contests

Contests can be of different formats and levels. Looking for something that suits you more and feels free to take part in them. There you are also waiting for new listeners.

3. “Shine” with your friends-musicians

You can appear in the clips of your friends, thereby attracting the attention of their audience. Or go out during their performance on the stage and perform something together. This is another way to get new listeners.

4. Become a partner of a non-profit organization

This is especially true if the ideas of the organization are close to you personally and your music. Speak at events organized by the organization. So you will have more concerts and more loyal listeners. If you are too active, people can develop a strong association between you and the organization. For example, that you are a strong advocate of nature because you often “shine” at their events. It’s good or bad depends on your goals.

5. Make a great street show

Make banners with the symbols of the group. Arrange the show right on the street. Or take off the truck or pick up and play from there. This is to draw the crowd. Sell something on these shows and gather contacts.

6. Make an email-list to your fans

You must constantly collect and replenish the base of email addresses of your listeners-on the site, at concerts. If you did a good preliminary job and collected a decent number of addresses, then only at the expense of this tool you will be able to provide a basic level of sales. If you think that “Emails do not work today,” you are mistaken.

7. Partnership with other musicians

Make a special referral link to the purchase of your album. Ask other musicians to send a letter with this link on their database and give them a percentage of sales.

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