Santa Sallet – "Fuck With Me" (Produced by Santa Sallet)

Santa Sallet presents Plutography. 

Plutography – an autobioplutophonography – is the first b-side of Santa Sallet’s three part series. Released as a mixtape in 2020, Plutography depicts, presents, and covers Santa’s ascent to riches, particularly the lifestyles he enjoys, through voracious beats, avaricious rhythms, and acquisitive rhymes.


Santa Sallet gives you a glimpse of everything you hope and dream, or have already attained, by taking you on his conquest of gluttony, lust, and greed. Whether he is rapping over his own vicarious beats, Nemizzo’s melodious symphony, or banging industry classics, Santa taps into your desire for greatness and delivers it with Plutography.


Listen to Plutography, the mixtape that makes you richer. 




plutography, Noun.

Brit. /pluːˈtɒɡrəfi/,  U.S. /pluˈtɑɡrəfi/


1. (uncountable) Depiction, presentation, or coverage of the rich, particularly the lifestyles they enjoy.

  1. A mixtape by Santa Sallet 

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