NerveDjs.Com| Antoine Christopher x @IGoldRose - Sega Genesis

Big Heff: Where are you from?

Gold Rose: I am from Cleveland, OH ; grew up in the east side of the city. I was born in the Garden Valley projects, but when I turned one we moved on to 100 st. Miles. We moved constantly around that area; graduated from John Adams High School.

Big Heff: How Did you get started making music?

Gold Rose: I started performing in my household for my mom, family, and guest at 5 ( I was a back up dancer for my older sister). My dad was a dj so I was always around rap. By age 11 I just started writing my own music.

Big Heff: What are some of your music influences?

Gold Rose: My influences for music are memories, lifes’ lessons, and experiences. I’m also influenced by other artist and different cultures.

Big Heff: What are some of the concepts involved in making your new projects?

Gold Rose: The concept is to paint a picture of a young woman’s true intents, her passions, her trials, in this era as a single individual. Knowing that being her true self is ok, at all times.

Big Heff: Do you have any shows coming up?

Gold Rose: No. I do plan on releasing quite a few singles one being Sega Genesis, and some other music and videos I don’t want to give away just yet.

Big Heff:Who Produced The Song?

Gold Rose:MizzHitzBeatz produced the song. She is very dope and represents very well as a female producer. We have plans to work on other stuff.

Big Heff: What Album or Project is the Song on?

Gold Rose: This isn’t on a specific project right now, this is music we wanted to give directly to the fans for being absolutely amazing and supportive, a summer’s gift.

Big Heff: Who Shot the video? and there affiliation ?

Gold Rose: A video would be Hot. I can see a video coming soon, if anybody really wants to see it happen request it and dm me on ig, facebook or twitter.

Big Heff: Is There anything else you want to tell your fans?

Gold Rose: Thanks for being the best fans in the world and supporting me. This authentic wave of truth, beauty, faith, and hustle won’t fail. We also have new Merch coming soon.

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