Law Artis offers path to enlightenment
with new EP ‘Transparency’

QUEENS, NY – Law Artis’ story is one of life, love and perseverance. Born two months premature, he has faced an uphill battle from his very first breaths. But the fast-rising artist from the East Coast doesn’t look at it as a struggle. Instead, he sees a life filled with zeal to do things his own way, and anyone who listens to his music will hear that note of originality in everything he does.

His most recent EP, “Transparency,” gives music lovers an inside peek at that unique sound and style while also inspiring others to open up and embrace an attitude of transparency with others. Self-described as a neo-soul, alternative R&B vibe, “Transparency” is instrument-forward in its approach. The acoustic sound pairs perfectly with Law Artis’ introspective lyrics in a way that touches on themes and ideas that most artists today don’t really touch on.

“It’s all about finding yourself through love and life and relationship with God,” Law Artis said. “It’s about how you feel about having acceptance for all people. My sound has its own unique place and I would say it is very alternative. Everything about me is not normal and not what you would usually hear especially in the realm of R&B. I’m not the WKND, I’m the weekday. I’m talking about themes of love and life and light.”

Law Artis credits his grandparents as the first people to introduce him to the power of music. He grew up in a family that was consistent in its involvement with the Baptist Church, and his grandparents were his first music teachers in the midst of that world. His mother eventually encouraged him to write his thoughts in a journal which was the first step toward turning that poetry into song lyrics and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I always stood out in elementary school due to my voice, personality and talent and I have always been willing to give people my last breath,” he said. “Creativity is my sanctuary – it’s where I’m at peace. So I continued my artistic journey up through high school and eventually attended the South Jersey Academy of Performing Artist. That’s where I trained daily in acting and academics.”

But as he graduated from school and became an adult, he found himself falling on hard times. For the better part of a decade, he went up and down through peaks and valleys – at one point homeless, at another point completing two college degrees. To find balance, he enlisted in the military where he learned to be resilient and found a determination to succeed no matter the cost. When he was honorably discharged from there, he turned his full attention to his music career.

“We all believe in something in life,” he said. “Do we believe in ourselves? Do you stop doing your passion because you’re older? We are titans of opportunities. We are memoirs of the greatest author of our fate. I am a child of the creator. I am more than a person. I am more than an artist. My purpose is divine. We all deserve happiness and love. It looks different for each person. Put on your glasses and see and live in your truth. ‘Transparency’ represents my new beginning. Through it, I honor the tears that I’ve cried from walking in the darkness. Today, I breathe new life into my dreams. Today, I let go of my voices of doubt. Today, I smile because everything is moving in divine order. Today, unlike yesterday, is filled with new hope and possibilities. Today, you look in the mirror and realize you are made for greatness. Today, you’re living your best life. Welcome to a piece of my world – where there is no judgement, where you can lay your burdens down, where you are not alone, where dreams come true, and where you are enough. Thank you for being you. You are beautiful. Now let’s be transparent together.”

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