KD The Pharaoh - "All Men Down One Man Up"

In a time where hip-hop is saturated with mumble rappers, KD the Pharaoh proves that lyrical rappers are still alive. His debut mixtape All Men Down One Man Up proves that KD is hungry and he’s willing to devour everyone on his way to the top. With his impressive lyrical content, original rap-style, and charismatic energy, The Pharaoh wastes no time demonstrating why he’s the ruler of his genre. In 10 songs, 2 being bonus tracks, All Men Down One Man Up tells a story of a young man who will stop at nothing to get the respect that he deserves, even it means taking it.

KD the Pharaoh started his reign in Houston, Texas and he has no shame in repping his city or the artists that came before him. The second bonus track, titled “288/Mann” is an ode to the legendary Big Moe and the city of dirty sprite.

The standout song is “What It Is”, the second track. Before the explosive beat drops, KD the Pharaoh can be heard chanting “bow down” which sets the tone for the entire mixtape. With raw, gritty lyrics, catchy hooks and ad-libs, and a beat that will make your head nod instantly, “What It Is” will undoubtedly become a fan favorite.

All Men Down One Man Up is perfectly titled because KD the Pharaoh is holding no punches with his debut mixtape. In the outro “Let Me Be Great”, KD raps, “They don’t believe in me in it all” but that won’t be the case for long. This is only the beginning of his reign and he’s going hard for the top spot.

Young, fearless, and ambitious, KD the Pharaoh knows the rap game is a royal rumble, but he’s confident that he’ll be the last man standing.

All Men Down One Man Up.


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