[Exclusive] Noxbond Taps Chippass And Trill Will To Release The High Paced Banger "Race Track"

If you aint reputable you aint acceptable and nothin you say is credible...

2020 is unreal. As we move through this monumental year at light speed, the Real Life Music team is slamming the gas to the floor, and bringing original and powerful music at a consistent and quality level. ​

The record starts in the middle of the map with NoxBond doing Donuts on the race track before hitting some alien form of nitrous and moving levels and dimensions above the rest of the human race. His hook is cryptic, and has an underlying vibe of someone who goes around cutting his opponents brake lines before the race starts. "I'm a stepper. You a placement. I don't need a motha fuckin weapon but i stay strapped". ​

The beat is hard hitting, and couldn't be a better fit for futuristic racetracks with it's up and down melody, heavy 808s, and perfectly timed claps and scratches.​

Cop The Single By Clicking Here Or The Link: https://www.reallifemusicllc.com/racetrack

NoxBond's verse is full of metaphor's and punchlines, "they make a wave, rock their boat with a war ship", it's fast paced and violent "got 'em swervin like they car sick. heard they snitchin' feed em arsenic" and full of symbolism "pen turned to a drawn sword when the door swing, dr. said I need some thorazine" as if he's swerving all over the road, laps ahead of his Kansas competitors.​

Chippass comes in like a .50 cal "GANG GANG, BANG BANG, I'm talkin' "mayday", setting the stage for a rapid delivery of punchlines like "I'm goin nuts just like a payday" and "niggas buggin i got that spray spray" and "this dessert eagle on my hip is like my body guard", standing at the finish line in California as soon as the flag drops with next level lines like "hit em up. I feel like pac, these bullets get around"​.

Trill Will is treating Florida like Daytona 500, dropping some science and math and mixing it up with a complex and detailed rhyme scheme that teleports from one position on the track to another, making quantum leaps to the finish line. "500 tracks thats 500 laps like 500 Daytona track, that's 1000 grams of ether that I'm driving down the track",with next level punchlines like "This verse fixing to make em pay attention : face tat", and "I'm a steppa like a kappa", and more layered bars like "Call dora we can go explore that. Swiper no swiper. Gotta pay the piper like I pay the sniper"​.

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