From Gospel to Pop, Dom Marcell’s ascension to Stardom



Gospel [] was essentially created on the whim of making music that was easy to sing, and produced melodies that stayed with people for several days; still humming the tunes within their day to day lives. This music [] was sung typically at church and was harmonized by foot-stomping, hand-clapping, repetition, and “call and response” that was designed to strengthen communal bonds. Gospel is now popularized as a spiritual tempo in solo and responsive church singing, typically in African-American Churches.


One could argue that Dom Marcell’s unique voice can be linked back to his Gospel roots in adolescence. Born on the island of Puerto Rico and then raised in New Orleans to a strict household, Dom’s first taste of music was through the Gospel music his parents listened to. Impassioned melodies and soulful choirs filled the Collins’ household in the early days of youth. Forbidden to listen to secular music, adolescence was met with artists like Fred Hammond and Kirk Franklin, artists whom to this day, Dom still credits to what helped him discover his love for music. Of course like most children, as he grew and got further away from his parent’s restrictions, Dom began to unearth other styles, R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, and Pop which can all be found within the elements of his music.

Of course like most artists, Dom Marcell’s ascension into music was not an easy task. Faced with the dilemma of getting a career, Dom moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Southern California to get a job in the Entertainment Business. Dom then put his new found knowledge to use by tackling the business industry and music endeavours to become distinguished and notable as an artist. Just how Gospel helped Dom Marcell discover his musical roots, the knowledge learnt in his degree and internships proved beneficial to getting his music career started.

Since the decision of getting more attuned to the world of music, Dom Marcell has already performed at the Oscars After Party this year along with releasing two hit singles, U-Nique [] and DTK []. 2017 is proving to be a big year for this ambitious musician, I’m excited to see what will come next. You can even listen to the star himself go into the details in the video below.

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