Danielle Hutchins - "Answer My Call"

Danielle Hutchins is a master of blending melody and rhythm. Born in Tacoma, Washington, and raised in Augusta, Georgia, she is known for creating soulful compositions that resonate with audiences of varying backgrounds. Her music is a heartfelt expression that encourages others to pursue their highest goals and aspirations. Each song she crafts is a journey through her soul. An inspirational powerhouse, Danielle's music is an embodiment of inspiration itself, resonating far beyond the confines of traditional genres. While her foundation lies in her faith, Danielle's perspective sets her apart. Her lyrics urge listeners to chase their dreams, underlining the belief that the pursuit of purpose is a divine calling.

Danielle's artistic roots run deep. Her journey began at the age of 11 when she discovered her love for music. Initially curious about singing and songwriting, her passion for music deepened when her uncle, a former DJ, helped spark her interest in rap. Rising to the challenge, she honed her skills, gradually evolving from a novice wordsmith to a confident lyricist. Attending McNally Smith College of Music and North Central University, Danielle sharpened her skills in musical theory, vocal training, and ensemble performance. Her artistic influences, which include Mary Mary, Kierra Sheard, and Lecrae, helped contribute to establishing her distinct sound. In 2011, Danielle embarked on a musical voyage that led her to create "Praise Rockers" alongside her talented roommate. As a dynamic duo, they took their original Christian rap to various churches around Saint Paul, Minnesota, leaving audiences moved and inspired.

Danielle's collaborations with other artists, like CJ Pitts and Danami, have enriched her creativity, expanding her horizons beyond the expected. Her music videos have evolved from mere visual accompaniments to elaborate storytelling experiences, highlighting her growth as a creative. The release of her debut EP, Perception, marked a major moment in her career, an achievement crowned by a live performance of every track at the venue, Honey, in Minneapolis. This event marked the culmination of intense dedication, hard work, and her commitment to the craft. As she continues to evolve, Danielle's aspirations remain steadfast. With a new album in the works, she is embarking on a challenging project that blends live instrumentation and software production. Her upcoming single, "Reachin' My Goals," featuring CJ Pitts and 706 Munchie, promises to be another step forward in her journey.

For Danielle Hutchins, music is therapy. It is a form of empowerment and an avenue for uplifting the human spirit. With her lyrical prowess, Danielle weaves songs of musical poetry. Her work goes beyond words, touching listeners on a level that language alone could never achieve. Her melodies carry strength, hope, and resilience to anyone who dares to dream.

"I want people to hear my music and be able to feel like they can make it through anything.”

With each song, Danielle Hutchins aspires to ignite self-empowerment in the hearts of all who listen.



Music by Danielle Hutchins is available on Spotify, YouTube, and more:


Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1GSxfsau2uzsZ8sF3u5oko?si=JKVIqiboR...


YouTube: https://youtube.com/@daniellehutchins6272


Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/danielle-hutchins/1018940834


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danisworldbooking?ref=bookmarks&paipv=...


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