A.T.L.D.V. Set To Drop New Single REP YO CITY and Fourth Coming New Album' THE FUTURE OF R&B BANDS VOLII

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, the highly talented American Contemporary R&B band known as A.T.L.D.V. are gearing up to release their fourth coming new album THE FUTURE OF R&B BANDS VOLII.

Leading up to the release, A.T.L.D.V. will be dropping the all new single REP YO CITY produced by AD GOT DA SAUCE. The single uses a sample from (Sanford and Son) “an early urban tv classic by the great Quincy Jones” and turns it into a uptempo gem that is set up to have doper-than-dope remixes with major acts reppin their cities across the globe.

REP YO CITY written by A.TL.D.V. (Feat. APRIL SAMPE') will be officially released on October 28th 2022 on All Major Platforms via The Orchard (a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment) and will feature both a D.C. Mix and Radio Edited version of the track.

Also be on the lookout for new music video’s to drop in support of the upcoming releases as A.T.L.D.V. is set to do nothing but big things with the new projects ahead.

In the meantime check out the REP YO CITY (D.C. MIX VISUALIZER) HERE!

A.T.L.D.V. On Spotify

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