When reflecting on the origins of hip hop, most break it down into three areas or three main questions.  Who were the first? Who had the most impact? Who from then is relevant now?  There aren’t too many names that started in the 80’s that can get the ears of today’s youth.  Yet there is one name that is beginning to buzz again in the streets and soon on the radio.  Who?  The Legendary “Smooth B” that’s who!

Like the origin of hip hop, Smooth B is a Bronx native who grew up with the art form and was inspired with the lifestyle and culture because he was part of it before he even decided to become an active member of the movement. 

The former member of the iconic hip hop duo Nice & Smooth has decided to re-emerge on the scene because his love for the art is also attached to his first love; his family.  The next generation including his son kept on coming to him for him to hear their music and ask for input.  The more he heard; the more he realized that music is him and his love. The new generation would listen to some of his songs that they never heard that were 10-15 years old, and told him they were;” lit!”  On top of that, every time he performed his fans and friends would ask him when he was going to come out with a solo album.  Yet, if you ask Smooth B what’s great about coming out with music now, he will tell you that his love for music is shared with those he loves; making it even sweeter and also more inspirational.



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