Rapper, Music Producer, Entrepreneur (1995 – current)
Dupor is a rapper/producer who created Champions of Destruction (COD) in 2010 and has produced for artists like Bombay, Lukes, Gee$ and Lock.


Dupor is originally from New Orleans, LA who relocated to Houston, TX in 2005 after hurricane Katrina. His creativity is a product of his childhood/upbringing where he faced many challenges.

In 2010, he found Champions of Destruction which later evolved into a family of artist that is known today as World Champions Entertainment.

Currently, Dupor is working on releasing several albums with many anticipated hits. Jesus versus Demons is expected summer of 2018 with the album Moon God soon to follow. Another album, 8 Stars Vol. 1 is expected to top the charts and looking to release before close of 2018.

Born in New Orleans, Raised in Houston, TX

Tyrin Yrral Dupor was born on January 3, 1995, at Meadowcrest in Gretna, LA. His father and mother split, when Dupor was 3 years of age. Dupor’s father, who was heavily vested in the streets from California to New York and Miami, found himself sacrificing his time with his son for the streets. His mother then decided to move with him and his older brother, Lock, to Gretna, LA; she struggled to make ends meet, taking multiple jobs and living with her sons in Oakdale. She raised her sons alone and in 2005 relocated to Houston, TX after suffering through Hurricane Katrina. She raised her sons in Houston where Dupor excelled in sports. He later graduated in 2014 from Westfield High.

It was in Houston where Dupor’s passion for music found an early outlet when he began skateboarding (2007) and found himself listening to all music genres. When he began playing football, where he excelled greatly, he found himself immersed in music. He then began questioning himself and wondered why he doesn’t make music. His brother, Lock, was already rapping to instrumentals and later became heavily influential in the development of Dupor’s rapping and style of rap.

Dupor held down a number of part-time jobs as a teenager while he honed his rapping and production skills. After graduating from high school, Dupor decided not to attend college. He wanted to take COD to new heights and later in 2015 COD legally became WCE, a record company.

WCE - World Champions Entertainment, LLC.

His debut album, The Book, was released in 2017. It was self-produced, but also saw him rapping over beats from Juno, Beats by Darius and Squills to mention a few.

Dupor dropped over a dozen mixtapes since 2010. The Creation Chapter, Burning Chapter, Savage Vol. 1 and Konoha to name a few. Many songs were rejected from Dupor’s debut album. That album, The Book (2017) was said to be too lyrical and too much for the public to digest as a debut album.

Establishing His Own Label

As a thoughtful creative, Dupor wanted to create a label that would remove the hassle of expediting creativity. He then made it his mission to put his team on his back and understood the responsibility required. His growth, development and success would be the way to help launch his family of artists.

Dupor’s artistic influence includes the names of Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco and Drake. His sound is said to be universal and fits any style of hip hop. Upon taking the time to listen to his library of music, that he keeps on his iMac, one can conclude that he is a very well balanced artist and producer. He finds his creativity to go out as far as Japan and as close to home as Houston with artist such as Travis Scott. Today, he continues to produce and create music and is waiting for his time. Dupor is ready for the world. His question for the world is, “Is the world ready for me?”


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