Already a legend in his state of Alabama, Birmingham J (Jamal Thomas) has earned his place as southern rap royalty. Writing his first rhymes at the early age of 10 as an outlet to tell his story of a troubled childhood. Eventually, his writing delivered him from desperate times to dynamic regional success.

Early in his career, Birmingham J created a smash hit, “Move Back” and released multiple albums, “Da Neighborhood Superstar” and “Still A Star”, both enjoyed phenomenal independent sales numbers and placing him on Billboard’s Top 100 six times. His collaborations on these projects and others read like a list of “Who’s Who” in southern hip-hop: Lil John, Young Bloodz, Bun B, T-Pain and Rich Boy to name a few.

These accomplishments were featured in magazines such as ‘The Source’, ‘Murder Dog’ and ‘XXL’. Through a series of runarounds from labels, multiple management changes, and internal team disagreements on the direction of his music among other disappointments, Birmingham J’s momentum began to slow down at the peak of his success, but he NEVER stopped.

His determination and constant dedication to the evolution of his music and creativity inspired him to dig deeper artistically and re-build his business structure and team.

Influenced by the style, sound and careers of artists like Eric B. & Rakim, Geto Boys, N.W.A. and Tupac, Birmingham J remains true to his name and community. Although some claim his name limited his ability to break nationally, he makes it clear that the “Birmingham J” name is

here to stay, “I’ll never change, I want people to know about life in Birmingham. They know enough about Atlanta, Memphis, Houston, I want them to know that we are more than a chapter in the book of civil rights, we are more than that. No one loves this city more or reps it better… I am Birmingham.”

With several projects slated for release in 2017, Birmingham J has now teamed up with DJ TOMMY BROWNE, the President of Buck City Radio and the Executive Director of the Southeast region for the Heat 100, As an Executive Producer / ANR /Manager and Dj , added to his new team, Birmingham J will be in a position to garner the national attention that his industry peers and fans have always known he



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