Hip-Hop Artist, Dreamcast McFly releases his latest single "Big Gurl"

Take a ride through space and time with the nostalgic, yet futuristic rhymes of Dreamcast McFly. Dreamcast McFly is the stage name of Joseph Wright, an Atlanta-born hip hop artist affiliated with the IV League music production company that he started with his long-time producer Jesus Castillo in Miami. Dreamcast has a half-spoken/half-rapped vocal style. Though his mellow flow is subtle his rhymes are filled with many complex plays on words, clever one-liners, and double entendres. His commitment to writing conceptually has garnered him much praise and he is considered by some to be the greatest punch-line rapper of all time.

Dreamcast McFly is a self-described “avant-garde hip-hop” artist whose eclectic personality bleeds into all of his various creative outlets. A self-proclaimed "renaissance man", McFly has his hands in music as a rapper, songwriter, and producer.

 “I don’t know if I can change the world but I have high hopes of putting a new spin on the culture.” ~ DCM

Influenced by the DIY nature of Tyler The Creator and the vulnerability of Kid Cudi, the Malagasy artist displays zany energy with a complex synthesis of wordplay, humor, and an eccentric take on modern rap culture. The Miami native is set apart from his rapper counterparts with the euphoric lyrics of debut single, “Indigo Plateau”. The infamous track is jampacked with a funky progressive alternative beat which is complimented by a playful, charismatic, and grimy flow. So much so, that it has broken underground barriers and was featured on EDM blog, “edmrush.com” in June of 2018. The blog invites fans of high-profile artists such as Daft Punk and Avicii to give him a listen! 

Dreamcast has developed a reputation of being a recording artist without any conceptual limitations and has become a symbol of afro-futurism defined musically. His music never fails to incorporate razor-edged wit and lyricism. When he’s not raging and hyping up the crowd with his electric live performances, he can be found maximizing his eclectic personality and on-brand humor in front of the camera. You can discover his self-reflective and nostalgic notes in his most popular song to date, “Celadon Skyline”, which was featured on his debut project “Dank Ocean” (2018). Be sure to connect with him on all social media and digital music platforms.








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