Herstory - "Give Me All Your Love"

Herstory is an LGBT duo/real-life couple from New York City. If you still haven’t heard of Herstory you may be living on Mars. This amazing duo has been creating incredible music since 2016 and has been making quite a name for themselves ever since. With an ever-growing fanbase, Herstory is definitely the artist you should be listening to at the moment.

Their latest single “Give Me All Your Love” explains a journey of a relationship that holds a barrier. One person keeps holding up these walls not allowing for true love to come in. While the other continues to be present and patient. They want to give/receive all of their love. They know it’s worth the effort and dedication. The record has a mixture of both old school and new RnB. It is a feel-good track that will have you singing along in your car instantly. And it's a great song to dedicate to the one you believe is your soulmate.

This past year has been a tough one for creatives. It’s given us all the time to evaluate our sound and slow down our pace. But it’s also made us feel a lot more lonely and questionable on what to do next. Creating this track has helped us through our personal struggles of feeling lost. We gave ourselves this project to give us something to focus on. To find solace in. To feel productive and shine a light on our talents. To us, this song means finding the courage to be artistic when the world is testing every bit of your faith that it’s even worth it.



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