[Exclusive] Ato-Mik, “THE brother Hip-Hop duo from Vancouver, Canada” Bring back the golden age with their 90’s mixtape ‘Ato-Mik Conscious’

Atom and Mikey Mic, two brothers who have joined forces to become Ato-Mik
aka Atomikbros. Rising through the local hip hop scene in Vancouver since
2016 to now having fans all around the globe. They recently dropped a
mixtape ‘Ato-Mik Conscious’ remixing 12 tracks from the golden age
90’s hip hop. Paying homage to the greats who laid the foundation
and showing the world how they can now stack up to some
of the best in the world.

12 legendary tracks from the Golden Era of Hip Hop remixed and flipped in
Ato-Mik fashion. The bros have gained so much inspiration from this era
and is the basis of their hip hop songwriting. It was only a matter of
time before they unleashed this hard hitting, truth seeking and
storytelling project. Taking you along with them in many
adventures while exploring many aspects of our human
nature and society today.

“Ato-Mik Conscious is a collective of thoughts, facts, manifestations,
truths, anecdotes and metaphors. Heavily inspired by the golden
age of hip hop, we have always wanted to make a project like
this. Bringing to light and hiding the shade, this is our
journey through the ultimate universal consciousness.”

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