Simply stated: Elijah J was made for the stage!

Born Elijah Rhea Johnson on June 24, 1998 in Detroit, Michigan, the young man affectionately known as "EJ" has been described as a mix of a young Will Smith, Usher and Michael Jackson. Ironically, Elijah grew up idolizing Jackson and while still in grade school was invited to perform Jackson 5 mini-concerts all across the country. His undeniable talent and natural showmanship lead to his next big break when at the age of 9, he was selected out of a pool of 8,000 kids to play Young Simba in Disney's smash Broadway musical, The Lion King. Elijah went on to star in the Las Vegas production, the national touring production, and even for a short time, the prestigious New York City Broadway production of the popular play. To this day, Elijah is still the only child actor to play Young Simba in all three productions.

When he was 13, Elijah was again chosen out of thousands of kids during a nationwide audition to be one of five lead singers in popular Kidz Bop compilations. During his 3 plus years with Kidz Bop, EJ performed on four Billboard Top 5 albums, three national tours, and took part in a number of nationally televised commercials.

The year 2013 was a big one for Elijah on two fronts as it saw him earn his first movie role in Writer/Director Hugh Schulze's award-winning drama, Cass, and he joined the popular R&B boy band, Mindless Behavior, as their new lead singer. The group was singed to two major labels (Interscope/Epic) and on his 18th birthday, the group released their album #OfficialMBmusic on ADA Warner Bros. Powered by 3 popular music videos, the album climbed the charts and eventually settled at number 4 on Billboard's top R&B album list.

After Mindless Behavior permanently disbanded in 2017, Elijah turned his attention back to acting and took on the lead role in Studio 11 films' soon to be released action-drama, Misguided Behavior. Not only does Elijah star in the film as "Kevin", but he also got to flex other creative muscles and actually got behind the camera to help shoot scenes for the film. In addition to Misguided Behavior, Elijah just began pre-production on another Studio 11 drama entitled Masters that is set to be released in late 2018/early 2019.

Far from ready to put his singing career on hold, Elijah is gearing up for the release of his debut solo EP, I am Elijah J. The concept album, written, co-produced, and mixed by Elijah, helps illustrate the emotional rollercoaster that is young love after the honeymoon phase is over. Listeners are taken on the journey of his struggles as he tries to carry the weight and responsibilities of a relationship plagued with constant fighting, accusations of infidelity, unwanted opinions from outsiders, and the occasional ego trip. The hypnotic mid-tempo first single, Release, features a guest verse by rapper Koi and figures to undoubtedly rock the sound systems of cars and clubs alike across the country all summer.

Only the future knows what else is in store for Elijah J. The sky is truly the limit for the multi-talented entertainer. One thing is for sure : he will continue to give his heart and soul to the crafts that he loves and has been doing all his life.


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