ARNOLD TIMMONS and on stage you have “Eddie Fuse”  Born and raised in Detroit Michigan in a stable home with his mother Angela Johnson and father James Johnson and three siblings Aaron, James and JalenMr. Timmons discovered his musical talents at a very young age. The young artist beginnings started with years of growing up in the church choirs, as he grew older Mr. Timmons found passion in playing football; which he excelled in during high school and college. After completing his first degree, Mr. Timmons decided to give school a break, and from that moment and on “Eddie Fuse” was created. He devoted all his energy in his musical talents and artistry development. Fuse moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 searching for a musical breakthrough in the entertainment capital of the world.  Eddie Fuse mentions “ that's when I met Full Circle Core Music Group representative Myles  Martin, who signed me for two to four years” “ it was a great experience, I learned a lot from them longevity perseverance and how to stay hot and timeless after my departure from there company in 2015.” Eddie Fuse built his own Multi media company; EDDIE FUSE CORP- A platform that offer every independent artist in America; videos, audio, visuals, performing gigs and clothing in one package. Eddie Fuse states “I'm very proud to say that my company has taken part in graduating artists into the industry on a major level; I have proven facts that our program works and is very successful. The course is a six to eight months program that offers artist the tools to help develop their image and visuals to be accepted on a maximum level. EDDIE FUSE is no stranger to the broadcast world.  Mr. Fuse also is a co-owner of BADBOYZINSINCITY RADIO STATION. Eddie Fuse music credentials speak volumes alone; This Detroit artist has received multiple awards ranking him as one of Las Vegas newest hip-hop artist of the years, he has won consecutive awards for his lyricism and versatile style and deliverance.  Eddie Fuse received the “Ambassador of Peace Award” from the city of Las Vegas in 2018 for his courageous efforts in the community. Eddie Fuse continues to uplift others with giving food to the less fortunate and adopting families to give Christmas cheers every year by donating; dinners, clothing and toys for the children. Eddie Fuse is currently releasing music and expanding his brand with his latest music release “LAS DEGAS VOL.1 of 3” So keep your eyes on Eddie Fuse he’s working very hard to put EFC team on radio mainstream and music billboards . Over the years Eddie has accomplished major accolades with his work ethics landed him awards and plaques throughout the city; his continuous contribution to the community took Eddie from being just a rapper- to the community leader, and supporting the local entertainment scene by giving positive Music showcases  for the locals upcoming artists.


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