In a hip-hop world saturated with average masters of ceremony, a breath of fresh air is a rapper who takes his production and pen as seriously as he does his entrepreneurship. That new breeze is 100% independent artist and Still Movin’ CEO Dizzy Wright. With a sure- re hit single ready to brighten spring 2018 along with a new EP, European tour and thriving Cannabis business on the horizon, Wright is poisoned to simultaneously diversify, solidify and raise his brand to new heights.

What you receive as a Dizzy Wright fan is authenticity and consistency. His rhyme content is as giving as his myriad of flows. Regardless of times and trends, his identity never wavers. Since his first mixtape The Takeover (2010), he’s remained that carefree, marijuana smoking, scribe with the advanced digital acumen. Before Twi er’s popularity and Instagram’s existence, Dizzy built an ini al audience with personality and Myspace. The fruits of his online engagement were reaped with a 106 & Park “Wild Out Wednesday (W.O.W)” win in 2010––followed by the release of the 2011 mixtape Soul Searching’ Next Level––and being voted onto XXL’s coveted Freshman cover via the “People’s Choice” vote. It is no surprise that today his social media following stands well over one million.

Having amassed a strong and organic fan base with a workhorse’s body of work–– five studio albums, four EPs, a litany of mixtapes, all earning him tour invites from artists like Logic, Kid Ink and collaborations with pop stars like Wyclef Jean––is what keeps Dizzy committed to his independence. He is self-made. His young career has zero room for any major label’s a empt to alter or dilute his formula.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Dizzy watched his mom, whom he credits for introducing him to the music business, try her hand at numerous occupations within the industry (concert promoter, manager etc.). This led to his family constantly moving, even living a couple months in a homeless shelter. Although raised primarily in Las Vegas, he spent significant me on both American coasts, a contributor to the rapper’s vibrant, borderless sound. That signature sunny sonic is brought to life by an entrusted collec tive of producers that includes DJ Hoppa, Roc N’ Mayne, and Reezy. The la er is the beat chef behind Dizzy’s latest single “Vibe,” a rolling winner tailor-made for DJ sets and bottle service sections.

“Vibe” will usher in Dizzy’s fifth EP “Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done.” The seven-track opus features guest appearances from the likes of Logic, Kid Ink and others. It will also grant the self-proclaimed touring artist a first time opportunity to headline his own European run. Continuing his 2018 states tour, titled Golden State of Mind (named a er his 2013 mixtape The Golden Age, 2014 EP State of Mind and their 2017 sequels––both studio albums), Wright will gift over 10 European a live show mixed with equal parts in mate engagement and explosive energy. For years, his intoxicating performances has turned fans into repeat customers.

Off stage, the young owner spent the previous few years satisfying a different crowd. Investing time and coin into his personal passion, Dizzy produced his own hybrid-strain of marijuana, Dizzy OG. In 2015, it won second place at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup. DW was also instrumental in the legalization of weed in Las Vegas, where he intends to supply more strain flavors. As if a new album and herbal venture isn’t enough, the Still Movin’ boss will also launch an apparel line and open a retail store and studio, both named a er his record label.

Dizzy Wright is a shining example of how good music, firm brand identity and major hustle can mine independence into a black-owned empire.



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