p align="center"img alt="" src="http://userfiles.directiq.com/FUTURESTAR/images/Jeezy.jpg"/p p align="center"strongCLEAN: /stronga href="http://www.directiq.com/IO/click.aspx?t=bb4b5976-424b-4d24-a997-11d9a3d1d063amp;linkID=1amp;link=http://www.mediafire.com/?tvborirsb6bt2uy"stronghttp://www.mediafire.com/?tvborirsb6bt2uy/strong/a /p p align="center"strongDIRTY:/strong a href="http://www.directiq.com/IO/click.aspx?t=bb4b5976-424b-4d24-a997-11d9a3d1d063amp;linkID=2amp;link=http://www.mediafire.com/?x8wjc4713103a6g"stronghttp://www.mediafire.com/?x8wjc4713103a6g/strong/a /p p align="center"nbsp; This is the official new single from strongYoung Jeezy/strong called strong"F.A.M.E."/strongand it features the one and only strongT.I./strong who delivered a crazy verse.nbsp; This is the record you all have been waiting for from strongJeezy/strong and it's here so now there's no excuses!nbsp; DJ's download the clean and dirty versions right now.nbsp; /p p align="center"nbsp; /p p align="center"strongFOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER/strong /p p align="center"a href="http://www.directiq.com/IO/click.aspx?t=bb4b5976-424b-4d24-a997-11d9a3d1d063amp;linkID=3amp;link=http://www.twitter.com/OfficialTM103"stronghttp://www.twitter.com/OfficialTM103/strong/a /p p align="center"a href="http://www.directiq.com/IO/click.aspx?t=bb4b5976-424b-4d24-a997-11d9a3d1d063amp;linkID=4amp;link=http://www.twitter.com/Tip"stronghttp://www.twitter.com/Tip/strong/a/p

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