Press Release: Hollywood comes to Gainesville, Florida

pNorth Central Florida becomes acquainted with Business Mogul Kyle A. Green Sr., C.E.O amp; Founder/p pQuality Stay 4 Less Pay, Inc., QS4 Entertainment amp; Studios, Inc., QS4 TV Presents, and QS4/p pUnchained Radio/p pGainesville, Florida September 2011: /p pKyle A. Green Sr., is a name that is familiar to/p psome people but not to everyone just yet. Those who know him respect, love, appreciate and/p punderstand his vision and those who don?t know him, just read a little further to find out who/p phe is and why he?s so special. Merriam-Webster defines a ?mogul? as, ?an important person?./p pIt originates from a Muslim ruling dynasty in northern India. Dynasties exist today in the form/p pof corporations that own several businesses. One such dynasty is in the making right here in/p pGainesville, Florida./p pBorn and raised in St. Louis, Missouri in the infamous Cabanne Courts Apartments, Mr./p pGreen escaped a lifestyle of poverty and exchanged it for a lifestyle of hard work. Tired of/p pseeing his mother struggle to raise his two sisters and four brothers on an income of less than/p pfive-hundred dollars per month, Mr. Green forfeited his education to make a better life for his/p pfamily, and joined the traveling door-to-door sales business. During his time on the road he/p pstudied such notables as OG Mandino, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Zig Ziglar, and Less Brown. He/p pbegan mastering the skill of maintaining a positive mental attitude and perfected the concept of/p ptrue perseverance. Mr. Green also became a specialist at reading people, everyone who knows/p phim can attest to this. To this day he never abandons his dreams or limits his goals in life./p pAfter spending more than twenty-five years in the traveling sales industry, Mr. Green/p pmoved to Gainesville, Florida, to raise his son. It was while residing in Gainesville that Mr./p pGreen got a vision to tap into a market that in the past had not been serviced properly. Armed/p pwith a keen sense of direction and an unconquerable work-ethic, Mr. Green was able to/p pincorporate quality lodging and unbeatable rates. Just as the name implies, Quality Stay 4 Less/p pPay, Incorporated obtains 40-70% savings at over 2,500 hotels and resorts in all 50 states and/p poverseas. The same people in whom Mr. Green came up with in the sales business are to this/p pday his most cherished and valued clients./p pnbsp;/p pLeading his company with the same principles he learned years ago on the road. Mr. Green/p pexpanded his personnel and services, and began to focus not only on where his clientele were/p pgoing to stay, but on how they were going to get there. Thus QS4 Travel, Inc. a subsidiary of/p pQuality Stay 4 Less Pay, Inc. was born./p pQS4 Travel, Inc., provides travel related services to the high end clientele; entertainers,/p pconcert promoters, film crews, sports associations, sports leagues, and corporate travelers./p pQS4 Travel, Inc., under the guidance of Mr. Green was recently chosen as the official travel/p pagency for the American Basketball Association./p pTravel, Inc., also provides a full line of travel services which include: airline tickets, visas and/p ppassports, cruises, ground transportation, vacation packages and much more./p pIn addition to hotel accommodations QS4/p pMr. Green attributes his accomplishments to ?Never losing the eye of the tiger and having/p pno comfort zone?. He specializes in offering his clients upgraded suites, complementary rooms,/p pand meeting space, ?These are the perks of using our services? Mr. Green confirmed, ?And if/p pwe can?t do it - it can?t be done.? This is the same attitude and drive that took Quality Stay 4/p pLess Pay, Incorporated from a satellite office in a hotel to a multi-million dollar operation on/p psix acres of land in sunny, Gainesville, Florida./p pLike any mogul, Mr. Green was not content. His vision exceeded merely having a full-/p pservice travel agency. Standing firmly by his statement ?What else can my company do/p pthat my competitors cannot??/p pgetting people to work together, while building strong foundations. The QS4 enterprise is a/p pconglomeration of companies with a steady growing and diverse portfolio./p pMr. Green was able to incorporate leadership, guidance and/p pMr. Green begins to make his mark in the television industry with three new TV shows/p pbeginning with, Culinary Designs by Carmen, a culinary arts show presented by world/p pfamous chef Carmen Collor. She will show you how to bring five star meals to your dinner/p ptable. So this November get ready to learn how to create exotic and delicious meals in minutes./p pTake a trip down to the islands in your kitchen every 3rd Tuesday from7:00 pm -7:30 pm with/p pCulinary Designs by Carmen on Cox channel 15 amp; 8 in Gainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida./p pnbsp;/p pQS4 TV Presents is an entertainment variety show that features interviews with celebrity/p pguests, broadcasts of original and popular hit music videos, leading discussions on the latest/p ptravel and hospitality trends; Past guests include billionaire lawyer, Willie Gary; Commissioner/p pRodney Long, Michael Roberts Jr., Executive VP for the largest black-owned hotel group in the/p pUnited States, Bigga Rankin who is the VP amp; Head Aamp;R of Young Jezzy?s CTE, and the CEO,/p pof both Cool Runnings and the Core DJs, and other prominent celebrities. So catch the hottest/p phostess in the sunshine state (Sarah Cherry) this November on Cox channel 15 amp; 8 in/p pGainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida every 3rd Tuesday from 7:30pm ? 8:00pm./p pFollowing QS4 TV Presents, get ready to laugh with The Mixed Nuts Comedy Revue/p pstarring Cuz?n Pete and Company. It is a half hour of comedy with class for mature adults,/p pfeaturing comedy from Mainstream, Gospel and Urban genres. Each showcase is hosted by/p pAmerica?s Favorite Relative, Keith ?Cuz?n Pete? McCary Sr., who played the character Cousin/p pPete in the motion picture ?Poetic Justice? along side of two of the biggest icons in the music/p pindustry Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shakur. The Mixed Nuts Comedy Revue will/p pfeature segments of sketch comedy, and stand-up comedy as performed by the special guest/p pnationally touring comedians as seen on B.E.T.?s - A Comic?s View, HBO Def Comedy Jam,/p pShowtime at the Apollo, Comedy Central, and A amp; E?s An Evening at The Improv! Also airing/p pon Cox channel 15 amp; 8 in Gainesville, and 15 in Ocala, Florida every 3rd Tuesday from 8:00pm/p p? 8:30pm./p pQS4 Entertainment amp; Studios, Inc. is a record label and full-service recording studio./p pComplete with a one of a kind production team, engineers, state-of-the-art recording equipment,/p pand services ranging from mixing and mastering to all post production activity. Following QS4/p pEntertainment amp; Studios, Inc.?s ?Are you Behind Us Campaign?, Mr. Green has now joined/p pforces with Hood Magazine, Flyer Promo Now, Imprecious Entertainment, Urban Network,/p pnbsp;/p pI.D.J. Trade Association and many other local and national producers, artists, graphic designers,/p pentertainers, and musicians to deliver his latest projects./p pnbsp;/p pThe coming events will bring Hollywood to Florida while increasing opportunities for the/p plocal music community. Mr. Kyle A. Green Sr.?s ability to get people to work together has/p ppaid off tremendously. QS4 Entertainment amp; Studios, Inc. and Duicey Doo Films, presents/p pThe 352 Uncut ? DVD, Live at the Vault Nightclub, located at 238 West University Avenue/p pin Gainesville, Florida on Thursday, November 3rd, 2011. With celebrity hosts, Big Amp, C./p pWakely, J. Long, and the hilarious Keith (Cuz?n Pete) McCary. Gainesville, Florida is going/p pto witness history in the making. Mr. Green is laying out the red carpet for this event the doors/p pwill open at 8pm-2am. The/p pvotes are in and some of the hottest entertainers in the 352, such as Tee Whitey, Papuh Boss/p pfrom Gainesville, Kandy Kane from Ocala, and TD Luciano from Eustis, Florida to name a/p pfew. Get ready to shake hands with The Strangeez, Burga, DJ Klarc Shepard, and DJ Excel and/p pothers during this red carpet extravaganza./p pThe 352 Uncut - The DVD, Live at The Vault Nightclub Compilation, will be in rotation/p pon the Urban Network?s Live 365 Radio Broadcast in over 83 countries including, countries/p pin Europe, Japan, Spain, Germany, South America and beyond. Artists will receive BDS/p pRatings, and will be included in On-Air interviews conducted by QS4 Unchained Radio./p pMr. Kyle A. Green Sr. believes in standing behind what he does, and in bringing visions to/p plife; always staying true to his humble beginnings, he continues to move mountains everywhere/p phe goes, constantly changing lives, and pushing others to reach their fullest potential. With a/p pbusiness mogul like Mr. Green in your corner, there is only one thing a person can do and that/p pis rise to the top./p pContact: brMs. Sarah Cherry brMs. Olah-shia Brown brQS4 Entertainment amp; Studios, Inc. br7257 NW 4th Blvd, Ste 13 brGainesville, Florida 32607 brPhone : (352) 372-7878 brFax: (866) 223-8812 brE-mail:

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