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First off thank you DJ 750 for participating our five questions series. Before we get into the five questions would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is DJ 750 AKA O.G. DJ Ghost. I’ve been a DJ for over 10 years. I am currently the general manager of Polar World ENT LLC. and a member of The Hittmen DJs, Coast2Coast Mixtapes, 24K Mixtape DJs and Nerve DJs Coalitions. In 2015 I was nominated for Most Slept On DJ by the Southern Entertainment Awards (SEA Awards) as well as a radio/media personality with SA .

OK, first question, how do you feel about where the music industry is right now?

The way I feel about the music industry right now is simple. EXCITED! I’m old enough to remember when Hip-Hop was considered a fad and had a shelf life of only a few months or years. So I’ve seen this industry morph and transform over and over again to become what it is today. We’ve seen good and bad trends throughout the years and we will continue to see them as long as this genre continues to grow and redefine itself. Today’s music is today’s music period! As long as I am a DJ I’m dedicated to standing behind Hip-Hop and its origins. Because no matter what life is Hip-Hop and I am ALIVE! Today’s youth have the right to express themselves and tell THEIR story, like every generation before them. We just have to come to grips with the fact that today’s “social standards” are the product of yesterday’s decisions. I remember how things used to be and I am grateful for everything positive that was gained from those struggles. But you gotta recognize the negative Sh*t that came outta of too. Not promote it or anything but understand that bad things and people can create a good situation.

So, with that said in your eyes where is the San Antonio music scene?

San Antonio’s music scene is doing its thing! It’s evolving, growing and gaining momentum as a market. Believe me all of the big dogs know it! But here’s the kicker, SATX is just like every other city in the country, LOL ! The underground music scene in every city is just like ours. Period! The only three places that support underground artist are the big three: New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Those are the places you have to move to breakinto the industry. I learned that on the 2013 Chitlin run and the 2014 BET Awards. So really it’s not about the San Antonio music scene, it’s about who’s going out of town and making moves, building bridges and establishing themselves. In that aspect, I’ve seen a drastic increase in the amount of artist hitting the black top and making moves!

What do you feel the local artist need to do to become more successful on the national scene?

THAT’S SIMPLE, GET ON THE BLACKTOP! Hit THE ROAD! You have to travel and get out of San Antonio to feel the appreciation of a genuine fan. THE RESPECT YOU GET WHEN   YOU SAY SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS is amazing and of course the money LOL. Watching the progression of your brand is something to behold.

Do you mix in local artists’ music and you gig, and what does a local artist need to do to have you play their music?

Yes, I always mix locals into my mixes, mixshows, concerts and mixtapes. If you want me to play your music, 1st have a hot record! Secondly, compensate me for my time and interest. This is just the facts of life. I have a limited time to rock my crowd so if I’m going to introduce your music to my fans or put you in my zone then you have to respect or compensate me for that. Business is business.

What are some of things you do to assist local artist?

I spotlight local artist every chance I get, I offer all of my expertise, contacts, skills and availability for free or at dirt cheap prices and I constantly create platforms for them to gain notoriety.

Bonus question, what’s you top five of all times? (Rapper/Group)




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