Representing a Forgotten Street Code, G. F1ow Takes A Different Approach Than Most of Today's Artists as He Takes The Stage for His Introduction To The Game

     Lyrics of disrespect to gang rivals, heavy drug abuse, high powered assault rifles present for every video and photo shoot and songs about sex, money and murder with no real content....this is a pretty basic description that seems to fit 99% of rappers between the ages of 16-20 in today's industry.  Many original hip hop heads don't like it. Most of its supporters say the age bracket is the issue. But then you come across up and comers like the Midwest's G. F1ow.  Who says it isn't an age thing, simply put...a lot of today's rappers aren't saying much.


     Now, don't let this be misleading, Harvey Finch Enterprise recording artist G. F1ow's music is very much street related. But the content of a forgotten "G-Code" still finds life in this emcee's lyrics.  He chooses to focus more on the struggle and trying to evade it, than embracing it and finding it cool to live a life style many attempt to emulate.  Choosing to fill his visual work with realistic hood tales and backdrops, then rapping in front of a cousin's home, on a block he doesn't frequent much, while waving guns like the death of young men in women in poor communities is acceptable.  The reality G. F1ow brings to his music and creative art, seems more the bridge in hip hop than age....and he is showing this is all to true.

     Recently debuting in his first project release "The Opening EP," G. F1ow immediately showed he is not to be categorized with other rappers in his age range. The skill, the originality and the hunger that so many legendary careers were built on is present in this young artist.  And the project quickly started a buzz among  the staff of our brother site By the third day, everyone had a well as a similar complaint....with only being a 5 song demo..the album is too short.


     But that's what great entertainers do. They spoon feed the audience just a little at a time. And that keeps them coming back. And since his release, G. F1ow has been spoon feeding like a page right out of the Hustler's Handbook. 

     G. F1ow introduced himself with his street certified single "Back on My Feet." From the visual perspective created, it was obvious this artist wasn't trying to be the next drill king.  But a real emcee.  And almost seeming to just show and prove on that note, G. F1ow released the single "Neva Lied." Where he held his own in a collaboration with label mate and lyrical professor, one half of the group "Greezy Gang,"...C Mo. 


     The debut from G. F1ow, "The Opening," dropped just a week or so later and was met with strong appreciation for actual hip hop.  The numbers from Spinrilla, MyMixtapez, and the home based platform, F1ow passed a little over 600 downloads in the first week. And that is not bad for an independent artist with no buzz on his first release. G. F1ow recently released his second video "Gotta Get It" featuring HFE veteran HooNoz, and is quickly gaining attention. Word is he is already preparing tracks for his follow up project. I know we look forward to what is next, and are sure after one listen, you will be too.


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