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An Entertainer You Should Know About, "17" Is Gaining Numbers With His New Single "Seventeen"

When RnB/Soul (and a dash of true hip hop essence if you ask me) song writer "17," music came our way we were impressed. It was different. An entire different vibe from what everyone else is doing. He was original in his sound. The music let off a positive energy. And we knew immediately we were going to feature his latest single, "Seventeen"…


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Just In Time For The Summer Jay Fam And Og Money Lew Drop The Single "Verdi"


For starters, only real players know that champagne is the perfect drink for the warm weather. And contrary to popular belief of the "top shelf" drinkers, just a shelf or two down is a smooth blend called Verdi. And a bottleor two  of this, your night is becoming a movie.

Now put that feeling over a smooth…


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Nino Cortez Is Bringing Back That Good R-N-B Feel Like "No One Else"

  The last decade or so, great R-N-B has become harder and harder to find. It's not that it isn't out there....but it's few. And alot of it has lost, well,...its soul. Gone are the days of The Delfonics, The Stylistics and The Chi-Lites. I haven't heard anything reminiscent to Jodeci, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas or Usher in like a decade. No more…


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Super Producer Clavin Beats Teams Up With Underground Emcee Nxppz To Drop The New Single "Finesse Freestyle"

Clavin Beats has built a reputation in creating energizing music with a large variety of feel and sound. Always working with new up and coming artists has helped both parties in drawing attention to the music. And Clavin Beats has built a loyal following of true supporters hungry for fresh and original hip hop.

For the…


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Yung Mac Preps to Release His"From My Side To Your Side Part 3" As The Count Down Clock Ticks

Indie recording artist and 23 Ent representative, Yung Mac, has been consistent in his music releases. Always bringing new material and content has been a strong part of his marketing technique. His lyrical skill and creativeness is what keeps listeners waiting for new material. And just the other day Yung Mac announced the upcoming release of…


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Immaculate Styles Teams Up With Lisa Shaw To Drop The Instant Hit "I Wanna let You Know"

The producer-songwriter also known as Immaculate Styles, got his first paid DJ gig in his teens & never looked back. Scoring a Sundance Award winning film at just twenty & then collaborating with multiple Grammy winners, a few short years later - first as a bass player, then as a producer -…


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Latin Grammy Nominee Artist LEIVA Releases his Fourth Solo Album 'Nuclear'


Available now in all digital platforms…

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Olga Solar Releases Her New Single and Video "Tingle Fingers"

Olga Solar has just released a new single and video titled "Tingle Fingers;" a single from her chart topping "Antilullaby" album. Very metaphoric both in its content and visual performance. Olga delivers with an angelic voice as she sings powerful notes over an emotion filled instrumental. What I enjoyed most of the video, was how…


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Paul B Allen III Releases His New Single "MILK DUDS" And We Have One Of The First Listens

    As a vocalist, Paul B Allen III has performed at many impressive venues, such as The Kennedy Center, backed by the National Symphony Orchestra, in Washington, DC. And the list of stars and dignitaries he has performed for is even more impressive, including performances for The Royal Family in England; Prince Albert, and his…


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ShadowHood's V-Day Collaboration Release "Lavender" Is A Powerful Single That Is Climbing Through The Charts And Numbers

ShadowHood is a cross-genre composer, performer, clarinetist, and songwriter. His aim for a musical reformation by innovating and cross referencing music genres.  A born clarinetist, jazz trained, hip-hop and metal influenced, ShadowHood has grown so much, he is now seeking for music…


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Marc Chemali Releases His New Project "PROTOTYPE MUSIK"

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, sound engineer Marc Chemali has just released his new project "PROTOTYPE MUSIK."  A vibrant blend of electronic sounds, Marc shows his creative skills from A to Z on this 8 song album.  Creating a powerful vibe of positivity and energy, Marc has set himself apart from other sound engineers and…


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EDM Creator Blacklight Drops His New Single "Bass is Pumpin (Original Mix)"

Blacklight is an Electronic Dance Music(EDM) producer,songwriter and performer. Building his buzz from out of Omaha, Nebraska, Blacklight has an insatiable passion for creating and performing all types EDM.  He recently released the chart climbing singles "Can't See In," "Tribal Jack," and "Deep."  Following up, Blacklight choose to put his…


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TopFloor Zak Teams Up With Producer Jamezz Bonn To Give Hip Hop A Full Course Meal With The "Sample Pack" Project

Zak (TopFloor Zak), Songwriter / artist, is from Albany ,Ga where he began rapping and writing at the age of 15. His continued hustle in music has landed him several radio show appearances and showcases. Coming up in a poverty stricken area is what Zak says drove his ambition to rise above it all, and his only dream,..was to live out his…


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Composer Hircham Chahidi Releases A Motivational Piece With The New Single "Better"

Hicham is a music composer and producer living in Belgium. He produces music for films and audiovisual productions in several musical genres: Orchestral, symphony cinematic music, world and ethnic music, acoustic jazz. Hircham has delivered a compelling creation of jazz and funk fused in his new…


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Joe Wahl Creates One Of Those Songs That Sticks With You With "Stuck In My Head"

Singer Joe Wahl blends crisp RnB vocals over a pop/rock style sound in his new single "Stuck In My Head."  Uptempo and filled with energy, the song definitely will get the floors moving in the party. And many can relate as Joe croons about a beautiful lady he just can't get out of his head. And currently, Joe Wahl has given his followers a…


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In An Industry Over Saturated With Music Makers, Full Range Beats Keeps Real Music Production Alive And Affordable is one of the hottest and best beat sites out there. When you want quality, hot beats & instrumentals you want to first check with Full Range Beats. Full Range Beats offers some of the hottest beats for sale and lease in rap, trap, pop, R&B, and hip-hop. With over 15 years experience in the music industry, head…


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Solo 7 Releases A New Single Of Love And Emotion With "Just Wanna Dance"

Music today has lost alot of its edge and quality content. Songs are all about sex and money. Enter the band Solo 7, and their new single "Just Wanna Dance." The deliver that emotion of seeing that girl you know is the one.And they just want to dance. Hold her close. Embrace her. And move with her as one. The overall metaphor of the song is…


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Senju Drops The New Single "Don't Worry"

Recording artist Senju, jumps into the game with a hot new single titled "Don't Worry." The hypnotic single blends perfectly with the melodic lyrical delivery.…


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