Nino Cortez Is Bringing Back That Good R-N-B Feel Like "No One Else"

  The last decade or so, great R-N-B has become harder and harder to find. It's not that it isn't out there....but it's few. And alot of it has lost, well,...its soul. Gone are the days of The Delfonics, The Stylistics and The Chi-Lites. I haven't heard anything reminiscent to Jodeci, Dru Hill, Carl Thomas or Usher in like a decade. No more hard hip hop tracks with a smooth RnB performer on the chorus. Now they sing their own and auto tune it. While change can be good and should be expected, sometimes things that aren't broke don't need fixing.

  Enter Nino Cortez, a rapper/singer/producer/ghostwriter/producer from Birmingham, Alabama, and he is bringing a strong vibe of rhythm,blues and soul back into a very dry industry. Mixing a blend of new sound and old school twist creates amazing music and very marketable material for this young entrepreneur. His presence, in both performance and production, glows with an aura that great songwriters in the past carried.

Nino's single "No One Else" recently came to our attention. Quickly gaining a buzz in the indie circuits, No One Else has a quality that I just don't see in music as much anymore....professionalism. A stunning presentation of cinematic art and a great fit for the visual aspect of the single.  Check it out today and see a star on his rise!

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