Born in Boston, Massachusetts Lou Nac was the youngest of eight children. Lived there for a short period, and subsequently moved to Augusta, Georgia with his parents and his next two oldest siblings. 

All of his primary education was in Augusta, where he participated in sports and musical arts. He started playing the piano at the age of 5, and developed a penchant for music both instrumental and vocal.

His family moved to Virginia, where he completed his secondary education and began to focus on his musical talent particularly in the art of storytelling.

He and some friends formed a group called 3 Dimensional comprised of two groups coming together to make one supergroup. But because of creative differences the group was later dismantled and he decided to focus on his education.

Lou then moved to Trenton, New Jersey where he continued his studied business management, musical theory, and entrepreneurial studies. All the while continuing to write lyrics and would even freestyle the lecture notes while in class.

After graduating Lou Nac returned home to Virginia where he first began to write where he said "The lyrics just poured out". Lou Nac wrote an album in two weeks and another two weeks later. However, he didn't get back in the studio until almost a year later as he was producing compositions. After returning to the studio Lou noticed his voice and style had changed.

 Lou Nac continued to record until he found his balance going back his Georgian roots and hooked up with Toon Boom via Apache Cafe and put out 'In My Shoes'. This served as a Self Fulfilling Prophecy as he wrote the lyrics the day of his flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

Since then, he finished his first solo album called #RichProblems and has been performing various cuts from the album such as HeadGames, My Wife, Thirsty, and of course In my Shoes. The minute he performs and you hear his voice you realize exactly why he is there performing.

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