An Entertainer You Should Know About, "17" Is Gaining Numbers With His New Single "Seventeen"

When RnB/Soul (and a dash of true hip hop essence if you ask me) song writer "17," music came our way we were impressed. It was different. An entire different vibe from what everyone else is doing. He was original in his sound. The music let off a positive energy. And we knew immediately we were going to feature his latest single, "Seventeen" in an up coming article. So we began our research...and here's the part that let us know we were seeing the rising in someone who well deserved it.

"17" is so much more than a recording artist. This Baltimore, Maryland native is also a recognized director and actor. Working hard to reach this point with his music, 17 gives credit to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Raheem Devaughn, Timberland, Common, Missy Elliot, Miguel, among others, along the way and picking up what knowledge and understanding he could in those instances. But he accredits alot of it to RnB artist Lil Mo. It was Lil Mo who put 17 on the tour bus and the road with her as her videographer.

And this young man is using those opportunities of learning to push forward with his own passion. And his numbers are growing. Especially with his latest single release "Seventeen." soulful melodies capture you in the instrumental and 17 does his magic lyrically. Making it an instant classic for any music lover. As you will quickly learn...most of 17's music has that quality. Check out the video to "Seventeen" below. This is an artist worth following!


Stream "Seventeen" on Spotify CLICK HERE

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