Hello, my name is Anthony. I'm a 25 year old CEO with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and my own global music marketing company. I have been a top ranked seller on Fiverr for over 3 years with close to $70k in sales. When you type in music promotion or music blogs on Fiverr we are the top search result. My business was founded on Fiverr several years ago and I absolutely loved Fiverr. I continued to grow with this company as they evolved and all of our gigs were top rated with thousands of  five star reviews. 
Fiverr transformed my life in a multitude of ways. I have used the revenue I generated on your platform to travel around the world and pay off student loan and credit card debt. I was very surprised when my account was unexpectedly closed due to what appear to be simple misunderstandings that Fiverr does not seem to want to work with me to rectify. To add to this, Fiverr has no working phone number and the only way I was able to speak with a supervisor was by doing a lot of researching, finding the personal number of an ex-Fiverr employee, calling him at home and getting the contact info for a current employee, there whole system sucks! For a multi-BILLION dollar company you would think they would have a WORKING PHONE NUMBER, but clearly they are only concerned with cutting cost and increasing profit, a business like this is doomed to fail in the future. The owner's are simply way too greedy!!! They jacked the fees up to 20% for buyer's and seller's, meaning they keep 40% of all revenue you generate, this is insane!!! Also, when I reached out to the CEO on Twitter to try to get assistance and explain the issue, he blocked me!!!
Anyhow, back to the issue at hand here. My Fiverr account Bosshogg777 was closed about a month and a half ago due to what 'Jay' (head of Fiverr customer support) said was multiple TOS violations, which I firmly do not believe occur as depicted.
I've been a freelancer on Fiverr for over 3+ years with over $65,000 in sales. Jay mentioned my account was closed for low quality of service, mis-delivering orders, and multiple chargebacks. To clarify, I was a top ranked seller on Fiverr (#1 in music promotion) for 3+ years with over $65,000 in revenue. If we rendered low quality deliveries or mis-delivered orders, we wouldn't have an average rating of 4.9 stars and have thousands of clients, many of which are repeat clients whom we've developed personal relationships with over the course of several years. 
The only time I mis-delivered an order is when the buyer didn't provide the gig requirements in time so I simply sent him a message requesting that the buyer provide the info required so we can complete the gig. I was unaware this is a TOS violation and that you can use the resolution center to request additional time if the buyer doesn't respond or send the gig requirements in time. I didn't know where this feature was located on the site but now I see it has been included with the order. This in itself should not warrant having my account that I built up for years permanently closed. I do take responsibility for this, but in my defense this occurred one time, not multiple times and was simply due to my ignorance which is no excuse, but certainly shouldn't warrant the closure of my account.
To further expand on this, Jay said we received 25 chargebacks over the course of 3 years and he said this was solely due to poor quality of services rendered. However, I disagree with this firmly because all of these buyers left 5 star reviews and never mentioned to me or Fiverr that they had an issue with there order or wanted a refund. They engaged in deliberate and intentional fraud in attempt to get services for free. We should NOT be penalized this and there is nothing to substance the claim that the chargebacks were due to low quality of services. 
Currently, Fiverr has no system in place to protect buyers from sellers doing chargebacks because you require no in depth level of security, such as requiring a buyer to submit a copy of there driver's license or identification card to verify there identity when they sign up for an account. 
Essentially, the only ramification the buyer will face is potentially getting a warning or having there account closed. However, that doesn't suffice and they could simply sign up for a new account and do the same thing again to other sellers. This is a severe vulnerability with your site that should be addressed immediately and I certainly should not be punished for chargebacks due to fraud. In addition, 25 chargebacks on 6,000+ orders is a very LOW percentage, less then 1/2 of 1% of all orders we've completed over 3+ years. I personally do not like chargebacks and I take a loss every time this occurs but it is infrequent and I write it off as part of doing business online. I would like to work with Fiverr on implementing news ways in which we can protect buyers from chargebacks and improve the overall security of the Fiverr marketplace.
Does mis-delivering one order because the buyer didn't send the gig requirements in time and having less then 1/2 of 1% of all orders we've result in chargebacks warrant having our top ranked seller account closed? I do not understand the logic behind this decision considering my business was founded on Fiverr and we have generated a tremendous amount of revenue for Fiverr. We have excellent metrics and customer reviews and our revenue has increased greatly every year. All of our gigs have thousands of 5 star reviews, many of which are from repeat clients. We have made nearly $70,000 in sales over 3 years and this number would have continued to increase if our account wasn't closed.
Fiverr generates 40% of all revenue from buyer and seller fees. The amount of revenue I've generated for this company from my high sales should be recognized as well as all of my hard work and diligence with delivering orders on time and having excellent reviews and metrics. I do not feel like I am being treated fairly or with respect, nor do I understand why they would want to close my account rather then work with me to rectify any issues.
I do appreciate the opportunity to make a new account, which they have reluctantly allowed me to do, but starting from scratch will take years to build back what I have lost. Imagine if someone took away your whole Fiverr business and told you to go found a new company and you lost access to all your clients and revenue. This has also put me in a very bad predicament. I'm a U.S. expat living overseas and I work remotely. I depend on this income to survive. Now all of my credit cards are maxed out and I've missed multiple payments because I've had my livelihood taken away from me. I went from making $3-5k a month to $200-300. It is so bad sometimes I don't sleep at night or wonder how I will pay my rent or buy groceries. I wouldn't wish what happened to me on my worst enemy.
In addition, they are preventing me from accessing nearly $2,000 in revenue from sales I've already COMPLETED for 90 days!!! This in itself should be illegal!!!
I've taken many losses in life from watching my father pass away suddenly from a massive heart attack when I was 10 years old and having to be the man of the house and raise my younger siblings to watching my mother go through chemotherapy for breast and skin cancer and losing several family members and friends to drugs, violence, and death but I do not feel like I should be punished for simple misunderstandings that can be corrected. This whole thing has turned my world and life as I knew it upside down.
I eat, sleep and breathe Fiverr. If you look at the thousands of reviews we've accumulated on ALL of our gigs, you will see I only provided the highest quality of services, hence the thousands of positive reviews, comments, and average rating of 4.9 stars on all of our gigs. 
What they have done to me is beyond fathomable. Now I am in the process of pursuing this legally and have an attorney who will ensure they get what they deserve.
It should also be noted this company, Fiverr, and it's CEO Micha Kaufman have an F rating with the BBB as well as numerous complaints.
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