To Play Games or Not to Play Games in the Music Industry,

That is the Question.

It amazes me today, after being in this industry long enough to be considered a veteran by many that I respect, that there are artists and companies industry related out there that think they are going to get to THE TOP, and get far by backstabbing or undercutting other musicians and agents and managers and producers reputations.

I believe it is a lifetime principle that holds it's weight in gold or platinum that you get further in this business by working together with people then against them. If a Management Company, or Booking Agency, or Producer or Label is willing to invest their time and energy to help you move forward towards your goals of success in this industry, then that should motivate the artists or potential artists to stand behind their companies they do business with and hold them up in the highest of respect.

If every artist out there could do it on their own, we as management companies or booking agencies, etc. would not exist. When an artist signs a contract to work with one of those entities, then you have the basis of what should be construed as a partnership. Holding hands, and going through the good and the bad, and working hard to accomplish your goals.

It is mind boggling to me that there are so many of todays artists out there that spend more of their time trying to find something bad, something wrong, something they may not know the whole truth on, because remember there are always two sides to every story, and they may be only told one side, that they are hurting their own careers single handidly by their actions.

If these same artists spent as much time working on their material, practicing, and fine tuning their talent or show, they wouldn't have the time to be worrying about someone elses business.

Back 30 years ago in this industry the drama that surrounds so many of todays artists didn't exist like it does today. Back then, they had to work hard, be unique, be talented, because there were so many other artists trying to become a known and proven talent that they didn't have time for the drama. Examples, the era of Emerson Lake and Palmer, Uriah Heep, Alice Cooper, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival Lynyrd Skynyrd,The Beatles, Chicago, Three Dog Nite. The list could go on for days.

The one principle the artists of that caliber knew and lived by then, that so many have forgotten today is an important key and that is "Never step on anyone on your way up in this business because if you do, and if you are lucky enough to make it to Number 1, no one stays there forever, and on your slide down from the top, those people will remember what you did on your rise and never let you forget it.

Please do not misinterpret what I am saying, this is not designed to be a bad rap on artists alone, there are good and bad in both artists, management companies, booking agents, producers, labels, etc. If I personally didn't love the artists talent and potential of talent we hear early on, I would never have entered this industry.

I believe the majority of us no matter what position we hold in this industry live by the intent to be there for others in our field and lend a helping hand. I believe that the majority of all of us have special gifts and talents that we can use to help others that need our assistance. Experience is something we learn from the knowledge of others older and wiser. I believe Knowledge is something we have learned from experience and experiences we have all walked through.

The moral of this whole blog is simply this. Spend your time doing the things that successful people do to become successful. If you invest your time trying to create drama for others, or finding something bad to talk about, you are costing no one but yourself and your career goals the loss of the success you could achieve.

We wish much success to you all.


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