NOYZ is an up and coming young rapper calling Tacoma, WA his home. NOYZ’s music has a raw edge to it that bites like the cold Tacoma air and he ain’t afraid to use it. With the dropping of his debut EP ‘Envy’, NOYZ has put the Washington rap scene on notice that he is here to make waves and stand out. The lead single off his new EP, aptly titled “Truth”, is a blistering 122 seconds of aggression. Today we speak with NOYZ about his debut EP and the lead single as well as what makes him who he is as a musician and rapper.

What inspires you as a musician?


I finally get to speak and be heard. I kept to myself growing up and when I spoke everything was dismissed. Now it's like you listen to one of my songs and I am explaining my side of all of these stories and they are accepted now.


Who are some of your favorite MC’s that you look up to?


Will Smith, Machine Gun Kelly, Dave East, Nipsey Hussle, The Game.


What other kinds of music besides rap do you draw inspiration from?


I draw from all genres honestly, but a good video game soundtrack or instrumental album can really get me going.


How did you get into rapping?


I always wanted to be a writer, so I set out to be a scriptwriter. But around middle school I really fell in love with the emotion in the music I was hearing and the story telling. So I myself would just analyse everything around me and write my perspective and never stopped.


What is the background for your song “Truth”?


I wanted to make a statement, I was sick of being doubted when I spoke. And one day I was in some stupid argument and I had said "Y'all need to start writing the things I say down cause I'm telling you its the the truth."


Next time I met up with the producer I was working with he had this 30 second loop of the beat and I just kept hearing "TRUTH" come from it. So I told him to send it, went home and wrote and recorded the song in my closet.


It was instantly the intro to the EP, I felt that not only was it the best way to start off the project but really an introduction to who I am cause this is really all my truth.


What kind of experience was it to record your EP during a pandemic?


I record all my music at home, so with the whole pandemic I really just got more time to really hone in on what I was working on.


Honestly when the world was most in chaos I was most at peace.


What sets you apart from other rappers in your genre?


My versatility is one of my biggest upper hands I would say, that and they just aren't me.


Is there an overarching theme for your EP, ‘Envy’? Or is it more a collection of individual songs/stories?


Hate and Envy. That is what really fueled everything about this project.


What kind of message do you want to send to the world with your music?


I just want to give out my truth.


When it comes to writing, which comes first for you, the lyrics or finding a beat?


It's spontaneous to be honest, sometimes I will just write out a verse with no beat, other days I will put on a beat and it will spell out the song for me.


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