Kenny D - "Red Bottoms" ft. Mike Dangelo

Born on May 1, in Queens, New York City, Kenneth Dean spent much of his time developing a god given gift, singing. Kenneth, also musically known as Kenny D, has matured greatly on many levels in the music industry. Starting out in a city band named Chansizz, Kenny D and four other members worked feverishly to become disciplined in their craft. While lead singer Kenny D was focused on guiding his group into their most prosperous direction, he soon ventured into songwriting, deciding not to leave their music in anyone else’s hands. He’s the man behind the lyrics for Chansizz known singles, Twenty Pieces, Cotton Candy and Right Guy.

After journeying on into a career as a solo artist, Kenny D continues to push hard for his dreams, inspiring R&B with new music and old culture. Kenny D has appeared on multiple shows such as Emily Maryah’s, “what’s the biz.” Kenny D continues to show strength in his talents by networking and collaborating with artists like rapper Mike D’angelo, who’s featuring on Kenny’s newest single debuting August fifteenth “Red Bottoms.” He has worked with two major front line producers, Lokey and HB the engineer. Kenny D has performed throughout the New York, Maryland, DC, and surrounding areas. Frequenting places like Stone Fish Grill, where he performed for host and 95.5 radio personality Tony Redz. With years of hardships and struggles, Kenny D went from singing in the bathroom to recording in the studio with other radio personalities as well like host of 95.5 Aladdintheprince where Aladdin did the voice over for “Red Bottoms”, Kenny D is finally getting the recognition he desires 
and deserves.

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