Green Holdings Group Presents: Too Short “Stix” Launch

Anaheim Garden Walk, CA-On October 19, 2019 Green Holdings Group Presents the “Too Short “Stix” Launch and the official LikWit Crew after party for “How The West Was Won” and Powered by Cannabis Talk 101 and The Roll Up Show. This event will celebrate the collaborative accomplishments of this epic product release amongst cannabis industry elite and cannabis consumers. Green Holdings Group has prevailed with leadership in marketing and branding in the cannabis industry over the last 10 years. Too Short is leading the way as a trendsetter in the “Green Rush” by creating an exclusive pre-roll that is filled with cannabis cultivated by “White Angel Farms”. The launch will take place at Blush Nightclub located at 400 Disney Way Suite 214, Anaheim, CA 92802. The Red Carpet will begin promptly at 8:00 PM and ending at 2:00 AM.
Tickets are available at About Too $hort “Stix”
Too $hort is a “Hip-Hop Legend” and remains a major force in the mainstream and underground scenes. In the new millennium, he is one of the most enduring success stories to emerge from the rap scene. Too $hort funded his career by selling mix tapes with pre rolls of marijuana. As a cannabis user and advocate, Too $hort has partnered with Green Holdings Group and White Angel Farms to develop 10 strains for his new pre roll brand “Too $hort Stix”. Too $hort is dedicated to producing a high-quality product for consumers in efforts to elevate the pre roll industry. While handpicking his own flower, Too $hort focused his direction
About Green Holdings Group
Green Holdings Group is a privately held, state licensed, vertically integrated cannabis and CBD company that connects the complex pieces of the cannabis and CBD industry under one umbrella. Their cultivation, manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile), distribution and to ensure that potency, flavor profile and terpene quality were all chief factors when creating the custom strain. He sits in on every marketing meeting and works closely with a team of master growers at White Angel Farms to create unique genetic selections for the flower. Each package contains two expertly rolled, half gram joints. Too $hort Sticks are designed for the active smoker, who enjoys a functional, pleasant high. To ensure customer satisfaction there will be a 24-hour video feed with access to the public so that they can watch each and every “Too $hort Stix” pre roll being made.
Retail operations are extensive-spanning from Southern to Northern California. This wide- ranging operation model allows them to grow and produce high quality cannabis flower and manufactured products in both the medical and adult use categories. Since 2009 the marketing, branding, and production division of Green Holdings Group has produced some of the largest cannabis events with A-List talent while launching some of the top cannabis brands in California. Green Holdings Group was founded by a team of experienced business professionals and cannabis advocates. Each team member is heavily sought after to consult on a multitude of projects across the globe from Toronto, to Laos and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on a range of topics. Green Holdings group offers consulting from facility build-out and design, operations, compliance, municipal licensing, state licensing, cultivation (both small scale and industrial), product manufacturing, acquisitions, logistics, marketing, public relations and more.
About The Roll Up Show
The Roll Up Show is Southern California's Premiere Cannabis Industry FM Radio Show and Multi Media Entertainment company. The Roll Up show provides a platform for marketing on their show to present products, clients and services to their culturally diverse audience. This leads to converting the audience into a paying customer. With their extensive network they provide an opportunity for enhancement for all elements in the business of cannabis. They specialize in strategic branding, on air spotlights, market introductions, event promotion, Dash Radio Ads, production videos, consulting, and content creation in the Cannabis Industry. Their staff uncovers who the target audience is, entices them to engage in content, and drive more traffic to your digital real estate.
About Cannabis Talk 101
Cannabis Talk 101 is a driving force in the global cannabis culture. The founder of Cannabis Talk 101, Chris Wright, aka Blue, provided a platform through radio to discuss the benefits, laws, consumption, news, and business of marijuana. Blue. The Pot Brothers at Law, Mark and Craig Wasserman all share an equal passion to educate and defend members of the cannabis community. Together they have embarked on a mission to spread the truth about cannabis while guiding and connecting industry professionals along the way. They are the epicenter of cannabis radio and possess millions of listeners. The foundation of their legacy is to educate the audience about cannabis by hosting comedic and exclusive interviews with cannabis entrepreneurs, influencers and leaders.
For all press inquiries please contact Amy Hanks @ 678.822.1797 or
 As a major component of the growth of minorities with ownership in the Cannabis Industry, the
 “Too $hort Stix Launch” will only add to the history and future of cannabis.
Press Release provide and distributed by Q Dot Davis Promotions 

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