In 2020, the world experienced a string of unfortunate events from 
multiple deaths and natural disasters to the COVID-19 pandemic 
and everything in between.
Now in 2021, the world is starting to reopen, rebuild, and move
forward from the tragedies of the year prior. One of the many 
ways individuals as well as businesses are repairing, improving, 
and bouncing forward from last year's setbacks is by rebranding 
and reinventing themselves. To kick off the first quarter of 2021,
esteemed veteran songwriter, producer, and performer
Clayton Savage has released the perfect theme song to accompany
everyone's rebuild, repair, and reopening phase. The uplifting and 
inspirational song and video is titled "Numan" (combining the words
"new" and "man"), and once the listeners hear the song's mesmerizing hook, 
it will certainly have them feeling like a "brand new man". The song's 
positive message, along with it's upbeat and powerful instrumental
accompanied by Savage's lyrics of optimism and rejuvenation all 
combined are what make this incredible anthem the official soundtrack
for 2021's rebuilding and reopening phase.
Clayton Savage "Numan"
Written by Jonathan Coleman of The Media Blast PR
Edited by Author Lea Mishell
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