The group MyFolk Is a Dirty South hip hop group that consist of four members (Kalico Kuavo, Candyman, Field Boi, and Clip Boi). MyFolk has been together for about 3 years when original members Kalico and Candyman, first cousins, got to together for three songs. When everyone at the studio liked their songs they asked what is your group's name and quickly Kalico said MyFolk (one word). MyFolk means my family or my kin. With Field Boi and Clip Boi being close friends of the two naturally they became a part of the movement by featuring on nearly every track MyFolk would make later on. Since Field Boi and Clip Boi were on every song, and are also his cousin and brother like friend, the group leader Kalico just added them to the group.

MyFolk has it's own sound and is very versatile being that every member has solo projects in their history they all bring something different to the table. MyFolk also has a not afraid to lose attitude as some of their songs reach outside of the box of classic hip hop. This is best described by their independent label title (Psycho Rhythm Mission) as they explain "for this music I will go crazy, Psycho Rhythm Mission baby!" What you will find in the group MyFolk is mostly high energetic yet deep and meaningful lyrics that occasionally bring comedy into the picture.

With no boundaries MyFolk uses all genres of music from Rhythm and Blues, Rap, Soul, And even Country. If their sound had to be described it would be a beautiful mix between Outkast, Three Six Mafia, 8 Ball and MJG, T.I., Goodie Mob, and NWA.


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