Breeze Dollaz - "Hands in the Air"

Shaking up the hip-hop scene with a captivating new sound comes Breeze Dollaz. Hailing from the streets of Hartford, Connecticut, this young lyrical beast has proven to be a trendsetter. With swag and charm, combined with potent lyrics, Breeze Dollaz’s music speaks to the heart of both males and females. Spitting the truth about life and relationships, he’s became a relatable voice that is highly sought after!

Breeze Dollaz’s music was birthed out of struggles. Growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia in a drug infested neighborhood, survival appeared slim. Life changed dramatically when he moved to Hartford, Connecticut. Although his living conditions were better, Breeze would still have to prove himself to be accepted. . . And he aced the task! Utilizing his pen and pad, Breeze won the hearts of his peers through his lyrics.

As an avid listener of great MC’s such as Tory Lanez and Drake, Breeze Dollaz learned how to artfully turn his personal life into an entertainment experience for his listeners. “I took trap music and slowed it down just a little bit. I wanted people to really hear my lyrics,” says Breeze Dollaz.

Taking his experiences and laying them over smooth trap beats, Breeze created his own unique sound. His music is a testament to why hardships are necessary. Had it not been for his struggles in Philly, he would not have such a vivid experience to talk about. Everything from his pitch and word-play, to his cadences and wit, he’s perfected the art of creating lyrical masterpieces.

With a highly anticipated EP in the works, Breeze Dollarz is expected to take the world by storm! Keep your ears to the streets, a new sound is coming. . . Breeze Dollaz is here to make his mark on hip-hop!

SoundCloud @breeze-dollaz
Twitter @breezedollaz
Instagram @breezedollaz 
Faceboom @breezedollaz

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