In the wake of the most triumphant victory in the history of America – not since Lincoln freed the Slaves or the power of Rosa Parks as she stood her ground on the bus – or the triumphant speeches of the late great Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King or Malcolm X has Black America felt so proud and deserving than watching President –Elect Obama accept victory. Not in my lifetime did ever expect to witness an event of this magnitude; though my celebration was bittersweet for me and about eight other D.J’s.

About one week prior I was asked to organize a group of D.J.’s to cover potentially busy crowded polling sites as entertainment and motivation. This came direct from a representative of the Vote 4 Change Committee- we call him D.K.
Once I received some scattered information and while in attempt to obtain more – I admit that I chose to head and officiate D.J.’s 4 Obama campaign for the Cleveland Area. This was an attempt to organize local D.J.’s for a good and common cause – Obama. So off I go – after finding out what the particulars are - $200 for each D.J., a generator for power, tent, table and a person to assist during the evening.

Wow – ok – let’s get busy – let’s get involved – I then created the networking site – www.djs4obamacleveland.ning.com keeping in mind that this is how Obama began
by organizing the individual to do great things for the community. Ok I was inspired- I then put the word out to the city of Cleveland for D.J.’s and Karaoke D.J.’s to take part; the phone is still ringing so many called – but I only need 14 for the night.

As in any business situation I presented a contract to D.K. which included – the names of each D.J. their home neighborhood area and type of D.J., the contract went also asked for a deposit of payment and that I will have someone to ck on my D.J.’s. Needless to say this is not how D.K. does business – he stated we will have a meeting – ‘’I aint payin no one I don’t know” – I said you contacted Full Moon to handle this service for you – All I need is the locations to assigned the D.J.’s to and they will be there.

Needless to say this so called meeting was a JOKE – after many unhappy phone calls we settled on Mon the 3 of Nov –at the Euclid Downtown office – two hours before the meeting the location was changed. Mind you I’m trying to call 14 D.J.’s at the last minute – before this night – the date had been changed twice – so at this point – I’m trying to maintain the accountability of Full Moon Productions – by asking these D.J.’s to stop what they’re doing – or make adjustments – with no set deposit.

Ok the meeting – the Joke – the Mess –
First off my D.J.’s were cut down to eight – because D.K. tried to get D.J.’s himself.
THE MOST UNORGANIZED MEETING EVER ATTENDED….. he introduced us to two men that were going to set up – tents tables and generators – NOT I had four with no tents – two had to find or bring their own table – three had no power – and the worst part
Five of eight had issues with being paid – or did not get paid that night – or the check was not signed or they STOPPED PAYMENT ON THE CHECK………..

First thing, a lot of so-called African American Older Black Males – have no respect for D.J.’s – I have seen this on more than one occasion to my colleagues as well as myself; they have a old view of D.J.’s where I really don’t know where it stems from D.J.’s of today are business men, tastemakers, organizers and Family men. Today’s D.J. is a computer science endowed individual with hands on training on equipment that the average consumer would not know how to handle. Today’s D.J. can go toe to toe with any A.V. person – computer tech – and mid level Programmer.

If you have problems handling your business – DO NOT CALL – if you’re not professional – DO NOT CALL – If you’re not going to listen to the input of the D.J. your interested in

The D.J.’s 4 Obama Cleveland Chapter will go on with out – any help from the Current Organization that hired us. We will ORGANIZE with those who are ORGANIZED even if I have to get with an ORGANIZATION from CHICAGO.

Shout out to. - D.J.’s 4 Obama – N.E.R.V.E D.J’S – Full Moon – Renegade D.J.’s – Menace D.J.’s – League Crew – Entourage D.J.’s – Spin Dynasty - CORE – Lord Gang D.J.’s - Shadyville D.J.’s - JUST TO NAME A FEW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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