An Expunge Case Should Not Be a Hassle in Finding a Job

Work is a term than can almost replace the word life. Work can also be considered an equivalent to the word money. Nowadays, one of the top priorities of man is to work. This is due to the fact that through working you will be able to earn enough to support not only yourself, but the needs of your family as well. However, getting employed can be such a hassle at times. One of the usual setbacks experienced in getting hired are these background checks done related to the application process. An applicant should always be sure that he has a clean slate of records kept in his credentials, otherwise, he will have a hard time getting himself hired. This is the common problem faced by felons and ex-cons. A simple arrest, even if you were not even convicted can actually stain and leave a criminal record that could give enough trouble on employments.

Common troubles during a criminal background checks are the usual misunderstanding on expunge cases. It should be properly explained and understood that an expunge case actually is a dismissed case. That gives the person a clean record, thus removing its possibility of becoming a hindrance on employments. The option of having their records expunged is given to those that had served their time, and many other bases. You can consult your personal lawyer about this because making sure that your criminal records goes back to zero gives you better benefits on finding a job. However, there are incidents where expunged cases still comes up on employment background check. This usually happens when third party companies offering background check service fails to update their copies of the government files included in employment background checks.

It should be remembered that an employee who was dismissed, or an applicant denied of a job because of some trouble regarding background check resulting on an expunged case output, has the right to appeal for reconsideration for the application or the job position. Take note that once a case is expunged, it is no longer considered a conviction. This is strongly backed by the California Labor Code, Section 432.7 prohibiting employers from asking the applicant further more details about an arrest or detention which did not result in a conviction. If you live somewhere else, it would be best if you could visit and find out the laws that could safeguard you from possible harassment or discrimination because of an expunged case record. Know your rights and be prepared, then everything will be alright.

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