"Love You So" The Colossal Colab AVAILABLE for free download to NERVE DJ members ONLY!


“Love you So”
Buddy Boie, Catalyst, Paulie Rhyme, Phoenix Jones, Machine Gun Kelly, MR. 44
Produced by: The Sound Teckz
(unedited version)

(available til DEC 20th for FREE DOWNLOAD only TO NERVE DJ MEMBERS)


Are you ready to take a hip hop ride of a lifetime and listen to the latest homage paid to hip hop by 6 of the best emcees from across the country?
Produced by The Sound Teckz of Cleveland OH and Executive Produced by: So Sincere of A.B.E “Love You So” combines 6 emcees on one track which is dedicated strictly to pure hip hop.

From the new home of the hip hop industry, Atlanta, up to the birthplace of hip hop,New York City, then across the country to the sunshine states own Bay Area and all bonded together by a heavy Midwest presents provided by Cleveland bred emcees, this track is sure to show that
not only is hip hop NOT dead, but that lyrics and skills haven‘t gone anywhere.

From the first time you press play, there is no question that Hip Hop molded the 6 emcees on this track.
We invite you to take 4:01 minutes out of your day and enjoy hip hop at it’s finest! Not only does this track scream hip hop,
It shows unity that is unmatched.

It took a small army to make this track breathe life, and to each hip hop soldier that had their part in making this happen…THANK YOU.

A.B.E and The Sound Teckz are proud to present :

“Love you So”
Buddy Boie, Catalyst, Paulie Rhyme,
Phoenix Jones, Machine Gun Kelly, MR. 44
*"Love You So" Mixed by: Xtro of Team Tuck


“The cut is awesome. Sound Teckz did their thing on that beat and this is a cut we need in Cleveland (Ohio). I couldn't stop nodding my head. The lyrics simply amazing! Mad love to my hip-hop heads involved...I'm digging this hard!”
-Underground Kween

“Diggin the track….Over all it’s a good look for Ohio”
Founder of: indiefive.com

“I like the collabo.…coming together is what is needed for the 09'. Big ups to all the emcees coming together!”
- Shimmy
2one6 Magazine

“This is hip hop at it's finest state. It get 5 G's from G3!!!”
Jay.R. Fogle
G3 Magazine

“Classic collab that isn’t pulled off this well to much anymore, Track is on point and every emcee does their thing.”
- Siege

“The track is a hot one. I like the overall sound. You don’t find too mayartist who can get on a track and ride it now days and everybody on thesong held their own. This is a track you will want to play in the clubbut on the real, heads aren't ready for the classic hip hop of yesterday.
3 out of 5 dammit from meI will put it in rotation on my website”
Owner/Founder Got Dam Mag

*Dec. 1st the maxi single will be available for purchase on CDBABY.COM and ITUNES.

Buddy Boie appears courtesy of : THE PLAGUE & LT- mOE Productions, LLC
Catalyst appears courtesy of: In-House Music Group, LLC
Paulie Rhyme appears courtesy of: Browntown Wreckords
Phoenix Jones appears courtesy of: TELAKINETIC Recordz
Machine Gun Kelly appears per request of A.B.E
MR.44 appears on behalf of A.B.E

*A Video for “Love You So” is scheduled for release: Dec. 09
Executive produced and Directed by: So Sincere and Dave Stewart of Trillvision

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