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From birth Preme (born Robert Davis) was deeply rooted in the inner city. Raised in the projects until the tender age of 8, his family relocated to the St. Clair/Superior region. Even outside the projects his families lifestyle couldn’t be masked.

"My pops & uncles did a lot around the city, so I witnessed a lot as a kid. I learned how to hustle from watching’ their moves.”

With the art of hustling already engrained in him Preme was a known name by the time he got into high school. Always fashionable, he was named best dressed every year of his high school career. It was during these years he fell in love with music.

“My first time goin to the studio I was 16 or 17 me and my homies I rapped with made a song called “Boppamatic”. Not expecting any reaction we put it out in the hood and school went crazy.” 

With all the attention he decided to test the demand, burning 50 CD’s and selling them for $5 each. After seeing the quick flip Preme quickly adapted his hustle to incorporate the music and although the money of the music grind couldn’t compare, it was the option never left his mind. Speaking his life over beats, Preme’s musical fan-base continuously grew.

“What I said on record I backed up in the streets so those who played my music knew everything I said was real. They’d seen me in foreigns at the age of 20. They had to respect it.”

Determined to make it with or without rap he could never focus on just music. It was until the life began closing in on him that he decided to give it his all. When his peers began getting life sentences or tombstones the path became clear. Preme began distributing his own CD’s hand to hand again. Soon he founded Zone Money Cartel and began booking his own shows. When the crowds began to swell to 400-500 people it confirmed that his grind was once again paying off.

“I had good people reaching out to me, begging me to take music serious because of the energy I bring to my hood and how good I am at it. So like any good hustler I fed the streets. Now the goal is to go national, and then global and I ain't stopping! Im gon' grind wit this like I did in the streets, but now it’s bigger goals. Bigger than just me. I’m doing it for my city.”

Formulating a new company (BLMG LLC), Preme is poised for a run of success beginning with the release of the runaway hit “Buss It Down”. With a host of projects and moves in the making that run looks to be a long one.


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