Carolina Jae

SAVE ME is about the internal conflict within the artist to be saved from herself.


CarolinaJae is a Columbia, Sc native who currently resides in Charleston, SC. Coming from a humble family and spending her childhood in Columbia, CarolinaJae is no stranger to the struggles of life. Raised by her mother, whom she adores for all the sacrifices made to mold her into the person she is today, CarolinaJae uses the relatable everyday struggles that she has experienced and through music has carved into the hearts of many a sound that we call Carolina Soul. That Carolina sound can be felt through every heartfelt lyric that she pours her soul into. Every song is a different experience in time but also one we all can relate to at some point. If you want to know who CarolinaJae really is then look no further because she leaves her humble but fiery personality on every track. 

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